Core Savings Account Summary

Truth in Savings effective December 1, 2017

WSFS Bank Customers know that having a cash cushion means greater financial security. We offer incentives to save with a WSFS Core Savings account. It features a variable interest rate, based on your daily average balance, and convenient ATM access.

Account Opening and Usage

Minimum Deposit needed to open account – $100 (Requirement is waived for customers 18 years of age and under.)

Monthly Maintenance Charge – $5

Minimum Balance to Avoid Monthly Maintenance Charge – $500 daily savings balance OR establish Auto Savings of $25 or more from any personal WSFS Checking OR 18 years of age and under

Pays Interest – Yes

ATM Charges:
  • $0.00 for using WSFS ATMs
  • $3.00 per withdrawal from Non-WSFS ATMs
  • $1.00 per deposit or per transfer from Non-WSFS ATMs
  • $1.00 per inquiry from Non-WSFS ATMs
Stop Payment – $35 (per item)

Account Closing Charge – $20 (if account is closed within 90 days of opening)

Inactivity Charge – $3 per month if no Customer generated activity for 1 year AND the minimum daily balance is less than $100

Other Service Charges – Consult the Personal Deposit Service Cost Summary for full listing of account charges.

Overdraft Information and Fees

Overdraft-Paid Charge – $35 for each item we pay

Overdraft-Return Charge (Non-Sufficient Funds) – $35 for each item we return

Sustained Overdraft Charge – $5 per day (begins on the 5th day of overdrawn balance)

Overdraft Advance/Transfer Charge (when you enroll in Overdraft Protection from your linked savings or line of credit account) – $10 per advance/transfer

Overdraft Information for Customers with Debit Cards

Courtesy Overdraft Service
We offer an overdraft service called Courtesy Overdraft Service with all of our accounts that offer an ATM/debit card. To enroll in the Courtesy Overdraft Service, stop by your nearest WSFS Branch, call us at 1-888-WSFSBANK or login into WSFS Online Banking and change your Courtesy Overdraft Service settings under the Customer Service menu. For more details, please see the What You Need to Know About Overdrafts and Overdraft Fees document.

Option A (default) – You do not enroll in Courtesy Overdraft Service:
Your account is set up to decline any ATM or one-time debit card transactions that may overdraw your account when you have insufficient funds. Since these transactions will be declined, you will not be charged the overdraft-paid fee. We may authorize and pay other transactions types for which you will be charged the overdraft-paid fee.

Option B – You do enroll in Courtesy Overdraft Service:
Your account is set up to allow any ATM or one-time debit card transactions to be paid when you do not have enough money available in your account. The overdraft-paid fee will be charged for each item we pay. We reserve the right not to pay an overdraft at our discretion.

Processing Policies

Posting Order (The order in which withdrawals and deposits are processed):
Transactions are generally posted at the end of each business day in the following order. On occasion we reserve the right to change our order of posting from time to time without notice to you. The order in which we post your transactions may affect whether you incur fees for insufficient or unavailable funds
  • First – Deposits and incoming transfer that have become available to you.
  • Second – Outgoing wire transfers.
  • Third – Withdrawals (such as ATM, debit card or check transactions) from highest dollar amount to lowest dollar amount. Some fees associated with a transaction such as an ATM are posted simultaneously with the transaction.
  • Fourth – Fees and services charges (such as overdraft, insufficient funds, and account maintenance) are posted after all other transactions.
Funds Availability Policy (When funds deposited to your account are available):
  • Wire transfers, electronic deposits and transfers between accounts – Immediately.
  • Cash deposits made at any WSFS Branch – Immediately.
  • Non-cash deposits made at any WSFS Branch – Next business day.
  • Deposits made at WSFS ATMs – Next business day.
  • Deposits made at non-WSFS ATMs – Next business day.
  • Deposits made through WSFS Snapshot Deposit – Next Business Day after the date of your deposit.
  • If we further delay the ability to withdraw funds – We will notify you and funds will generally be available no later than the seventh (7th) Business Day after the deposit date.
This represents our general policy. For more details, please see the Funds Availability Policy in the Depositor’s Agreement.

Note: A “business day” is a non-federal holiday weekday.

Dispute Resolution

If you have a dispute with WSFS Bank, and we are not able to resolve it informally, you agree that the dispute will be resolved through an arbitration process detailed in the Arbitration Provision in the Depositor’s Agreement. If you don’t want to settle disputes through arbitration, you may elect to reject the provision by using the process outlined in the Arbitration Provision. If you have any questions or would like more information, please stop by one of our branches and talk to us or call 1-888-WSFSBANK (1-888-973-7226).