Everyday Pay FAQ

1. What is WSFS Everyday Pay?
WSFS Everyday Pay enables you to make electronic payments to anyone in the U.S. with an email or mobile number through WSFS Online Banking and Mobile Banking. Some examples include your babysitter, handyman, friends or family.

2. Who can use WSFS Everyday Pay?
Any consumer who is enrolled in WSFS Online Banking can utilize WSFS Everyday Pay. As this service is designed for payments between people, it is not available for business customers using Small Business Online Banking.

3. How do I enroll in WSFS Everyday Pay?
You can enroll yourself in WSFS Everyday Pay by logging into WSFS Online Banking and either clicking on Pay People from the Money Center widget on the financial dashboard OR clicking on Make Payments followed by clicking on Pay People on the left menu bar. Once enrolled, you can also use Mobile Banking to send and receive money that is sent to the confirmed email address in WSFS Everyday Pay.

4. How does WSFS Everyday Pay work?
Sending Money via Email or Mobile Number:
  • To send money, all you need is the recipient's email address or mobile number.
  • The recipient will get a text or email saying you've sent them money.
  • The recipient logs in to the WSFS Everyday Pay site link provided in the email or text to claim the funds.
Depositing Money into a Bank Account:
  • To deposit money into a recipient’s account, you will need to know their account number and bank’s routing number. You will also need to enter a mobile number or email address.
  • The recipient will get a text or email that a deposit was made into their account.
5. Does a recipient have to be a Customer of WSFS Bank or set up a special account?
No. If the person you're sending money to is not registered with WSFS Everyday Pay, they will receive an e-mail or text inviting them to use the service and to claim the money. The recipient will then use a secure web site to enter their information and claim their money. It’s fast and easy – much faster than waiting for cash or waiting to receive and cash a check.

6. Is there a fee to use WSFS Everyday Pay?
No. There is no fee to use WSFS Everyday Pay.

7. Is WSFS Everyday Pay secure?

The privacy of your information is very important to us.  Only you can access your account information using your login and password.  A recipient will access the secure WSFS Everyday Pay claim site and choose to receive the money by entering their routing and account number.

8. Can I use WSFS Everyday Pay on the WSFS Mobile Banking app?
Yes. WSFS Everyday Pay is available on the WSFS Mobile Banking app and can be used with Android phones and iPhones. To access WSFS Everyday Pay through Mobile Banking you must enroll through WSFS Online Banking.

9. Can I use more than one deposit account to send payments in WSFS Everyday Pay?

Yes. You can use multiple checking accounts to send payments. Similar to Bill Pay, most WSFS Checking accounts are eligible to be used as funding accounts.

10. How can I change my deposit account to send WSFS Everyday Pay payments?

Once enrolled, you can use the Manage Payment Accounts page in WSFS Online Banking to identify which deposit accounts you want to use for WSFS Everyday Pay and Bill Pay. The Manage Payment Accounts link will appear in the menu under Make Payments. Through Mobile Banking select People Pay then select the Pay From account from which you want to pay.

11. When is the money deducted from my account when I deposit money directly into a recipient’s bank account?
The funds are deducted from your account immediately. It may take up 1-3 business days for the funds to be deposited into the recipient’s account.

12. When is the money deducted from my account when I send the payment via email or mobile?
The recipient has 10 calendar days to claim the payment. The payment will be deducted from your account once the funds are claimed. It may take up 1-3 business days for the funds to be deposited into your recipient’s account.

13. Can a payment be cancelled after it has been sent?

If you’ve selected the email or mobile number payment option, you may be able to cancel the payment as long as the recipient has not yet claimed the payment. If you have deposited the funds directly into the recipient’s account, you cannot cancel the payment.

14. Are there limits to the payment amounts I can send using WSFS Everyday Pay?
Yes. There is a $500 transaction limit and a $1,000 daily limit.

15. Can I make the same dollar payment to the same recipient in one day?

16. Do the payments ever expire?

Payments sent to the recipient using the email or mobile number payment option will expire in 10 calendar days if the payment is not claimed.  As the sender, you and your recipient will receive an alert informing both of you that the payment has expired.

17. As the sender, will I receive a notice when the payment has been claimed?
You will not receive a notice, but you can view all payments and their status from within the WSFS Everyday Pay dashboard within WSFS Online Banking and Mobile Banking WSFS Everyday Pay Activity.

18. Is there a history of all the payments I’ve sent or received?
Yes. Payments are listed for up to 90 days under Incoming/Outgoing Payments, along with their payment status on the WSFS Everyday Pay dashboard or Mobile Banking WSFS Everyday Pay Activity.

19. I am a WSFS Customer and was sent money from a friend. How come the email directs me to login to wsfsbank.com and does not give me a Claim Code?

Once you confirm your email address within WSFS Everyday Pay, you will no longer receive a Confirmation Code to be entered to receive money sent to you. As the WSFS Everyday Pay system identifies you, you can simply login to WSFS Online Banking or your WSFS Mobile Banking app to claim your payment under the activity section within WSFS Everyday Pay. This is the same case if you receive money to your mobile phone number.

20. I mistakenly entered the wrong phone number when I was adding a contact within Mobile Banking? How come I cannot edit the number or delete the contact?
You can only delete or modify a contact within the WSFS Everyday Pay section of Online Banking. Once the contact is updated or deleted, it will immediately be reflected in Mobile Banking.

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