Reverse Mortgages

Tens of thousands of homeowners age 62 and older across the nation are already enjoying the benefits of a Reverse Mortgage. It can be a key component of a well-balanced retirement plan, providing retirees with extra cash to live a more fulfilling and secure life. With built-in government safeguards, it’s also a financial tool you can use with confidence. WSFS can show you how.

The basic premise of a reverse mortgage is that you can take the equity you’ve built up in your home over the years and convert it into tax-free* cash for your needs today. How much money you’re eligible for depends on a number of factors, including your home’s value, your age and the specific plan you choose.

Make the most of your retirement with a WSFS Reverse Mortgage.
  • Eliminate existing mortgage payments
  • Fund home improvements or repairs
  • Provide financial help or gifts to grandchildren or other loved ones
  • Pay off existing credit card or other debt
  • Cover prescription costs and other medical expenses
  • Purchase long-term care insurance
  • Buy a new car or other necessities
  • Take a vacation
  • Create a cushion against unexpected expenses
  • Do something you’ve always dreamed of— just because you can!
*Consult your tax advisor.

wsfs-reverse-mortgage-henri-belcher-stack For more information on a Reverse Mortgage from WSFS Bank, please call WSFS Reverse Mortgage Loan Officer Henri Belcher-Stack, NMLS #732585, at 302-346-2948 or email her at Please include the following information in your email:
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