Christiana Trust


The need for personal and professional trust, tax, and investment services has never been greater. Individuals and families with substantial assets want workable, effective ways to help them minimize the impact of income and estate taxes, manage their financial assets, and ensure that they and their beneficiaries will be secure and protected irrespective of what the future may bring. Corporations and institutions desire high-quality value added services and products that can protect their assets, increase their income and further their strategic interests.

Christiana Trust’s founders started with a simple premise: combine superior, informed asset management services delivered by experienced professionals with the built in advantages provided by multiple jurisdictions. Christiana Trust is a division of WSFS Bank, a Delaware institution founded in 1832 and is the seventh oldest continually operating bank in the United States. To WSFS Bank’s long and proud history of world class service Christiana Trust adds its own proud traditions and expertise.

We extend an invitation to you to join the other individuals, families, financial advisors, businesses, and institutions who have found Christiana Trust to be a valuable resource that is uniquely responsive to client needs.