Christiana Trust

Individual and Family Trusts

A unique approach to investment management

Carefully implemented trust and asset management strategies can be instrumental in providing for the continued well being of individuals and their families. However, a trust's effectiveness depends greatly on the ability of the trustee. When Christiana Trust is chosen to serve as trustee, it does so in a personal and experienced manner that's tailored to meet each client's requirements and expectations.

We recognize that many individuals do not have a full understanding of their trust and investment options. Many firms are not using the approach we follow. We are an organization staffed by experienced, knowledgeable and caring professionals committed to personal service. We work closely with our clients and their other professional advisors through every step of the process as we facilitate and help implement an effective financial management program.

We review the client's needs, learn about his or her specific family situation, tax status, and ability to tolerate investment risk and any other particular requirements. Working with the client's trusted advisors, we provide the facilities to implement a solution that will meet the client's needs and objectives.