Preservation of capital is the foundation
of Cypress Capital’s investment philosophy. Success is
achieved by avoiding the periodic, but dramatic declines
in the financial markets.

Client Bulletins

Client Bulletin: 2nd Quarter 2018 PDF 1.3M
Economic Overview: GDP growth may be peaking...

Client Bulletin: 1st Quarter 2018 PDF 874K
Economic Overview: GDP growth continues

Client Bulletin: 2017 Review - 2018 Outlook PDF 629K
Economic Overview: All signs point to continued growth in 2018

Client Bulletin: 4th Quarter 2017 PDF 612K
Economic Overview: Growth Continues

Client Bulletin: 3rd Quarter 2017 PDF 612K
Economic Overview: Goldilocks returns

Client Bulletin: 2nd Quarter 2017 PDF 1.1M
Economic Overview: Economic growth may be accelerating

Client Bulletin: 2016 Review - 2017 Outlook PDF 609K
Economic Overview: Late cycle economy still has legs in 2017

Client Bulletin: 4th Quarter 2016 PDF 609K
Economic Overview: Stronger for Longer…

Client Bulletin: 2nd Quarter 2016 PDF 1.1M
Economic Overview: 2016 Off To Reasonably Good Start

Client Bulletin: 2015 Review - 2016 Outlook PDF 1.1M
Economic Overview: Recovery to Keep Going in 2016

Client Bulletin: 4th Quarter 2015 PDF 1.3M
Economic Overview: Recovery Enters Seventh Year

Client Bulletin: 3rd Quarter 2015 PDF 790K
Economic Overview: Recovery Continues

Client Bulletin: 2nd Quarter 2015 PDF 1.3M
Economic Overview: Further Growth Ahead

Client Bulletin: 2014 Review - 2015 Outlook PDF 729K
Economic Overview: Recovery to Continue

Client Bulletin: 4th Quarter 2014 PDF 806K
Economic Overview: Moving Ahead At Good Speed

Client Bulletin: 3rd Quarter 2014 PDF 892K
Economic Overview: After a First Quarter Slip…Growth Ahead!

Client Bulletin: 2nd Quarter 2014 PDF 716K
Economic Overview: On Track for a Fifth Year of Recovery

Client Bulletin: 2013 Review - 2014 Outlook PDF 532K
Economic Overview: Prospect for 2014 Look Good

Client Bulletin: 4th Quarter 2013 PDF 700K
Economic Overview: Moderate Growth Continues

Client Bulletin: 3rd Quarter 2013 PDF 3.1M
Economic Overview: Growing But Oh So Slowly

Client Bulletin: 2nd Quarter 2013 PDF 502K
Economic Overview: Looking for a Pickup to +3% Growth or More

Client Bulletin: 2012 Review - 2013 Outlook PDF 1.1M
Economic Overview: Modest Growth to Continue