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Brian Jennings Learns the Benefits of Working at WSFS to Launch His Career in Retail Banking

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By Kyle Babcock | Published: July 2021


What started as an internship for Brian Jennings, M.B.A., quickly blossomed into an opportunity to advance his education, career and skillset.

“I had interned at an accounting firm, handling tax returns and other related work while attending Wilmington University for my bachelor’s in accounting,” said Jennings, now a Personal Banker II at WSFS’ Lantana Banking Office in Hockessin, Del. “After completing that internship, my mom had mentioned that she heard WSFS had a strong internship program as well, so I looked into it and was fortunate to land a role at the Bank.”

The experience as an intern, including the culture and environment, inspired Jennings to remain with the Bank and continue his career growth.

“I was able to utilize what I learned during my internship and joined full time as a Personal Banker,” he said. “I quickly learned even more about the benefits of working for a company like WSFS.”

“When I first joined, I didn’t realize WSFS had a tuition reimbursement program and was excited to learn about it. Between the scholarship I received to Goldey-Beacom College and the help from WSFS’ tuition reimbursement, I was able to cover most of the expense of obtaining my master’s degree.”

Jennings continued his education and growth within the walls of the Bank as well, learning the ins-and-outs of the industry as well as WSFS’ products and services on his way to being promoted to Personal Banker II.

“It’s important to show you’re capable of handling various Customer needs and hitting your goals, and it was nice to be recognized for accomplishing that when I was promoted,” he said. “Knowing what WSFS has to offer and being able to assist Customers with finding the right products and services to reach important milestones is very rewarding.”

In his nearly four years at WSFS, Jennings has also embraced the comradery and ‘get-it-done’ attitude at the Bank.

“It’s been amazing having managers who are so understanding of your needs and truly care about you as a person,” he said. “I’ve also had the opportunity to work with great teams of fellow Associates. I like getting things done and it is evident that my coworkers do as well, which makes the day easier.”

Jennings’ favorite part of working at WSFS remains the Customers though.

“Simply put, I’ve been able to form great relationships with Customers, whether it is ones who stop in daily or just every now and then,” he said. “Talking to our regular Customers is like having a conversation with someone that I’ve known my whole life. You don’t get that everywhere, and it’s nice to hear from the Customers that they trust you with helping them reach their goals.”

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About the Author – Kyle Babcock
Kyle Babcock is Integrated Communications Strategist at WSFS Bank. He has more than eight years of experience in product and professional services marketing, communications and advertising.


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