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Meet a myWSFS Banker: Brian Korn Dishes Out Service and Pizza Advice

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By WSFS Contributor | Published: September 2020


Brian Korn has a passion for pizza, painting – and Customer service.

Lose a debit card? Brian, a myWSFS Personal Banker, can help. Have a question about a loan for your small business? Brian will set up the appointment with the right lender at WSFS Bank to get you the money you need. Need a recommendation for a pizza restaurant? Just ask Brian.

No algorithms. No impersonal call centers. Rather, myWSFS, which launched in 2019, is just the right combination of technology and personal service that is tied to a Customer’s specific needs. With myWSFS, you can download the myWSFS app onto a smart phone and choose your Personal Banker based on the banker’s biography, because shared experiences often lead to great experiences. Once these steps are taken, your Personal Banker and the rest of the WSFS family are just a text away.

The myWSFS program is just the latest in an array of improvements designed to create seamless experiences for Customers. WSFS believes that technology should serve Customers, but we also know that the future of banking still rests on people helping people.

Recently, we caught up with Brian Korn, an original myWSFS personal banker and a resident of Media, Pa., to discuss the program and hear what it has been like on the front lines of our Customer service operations.

How did you get into banking?
I thought it would be a rewarding career. It’s a great way to help people, including myself, to make sure we have the tools to get the most out of their money, since with a solid financial footing, life is much more enjoyable and doable.

When did you join WSFS and why?
In the summer of 2018 because I liked WSFS’ values, like ‘Do the right thing’ and “We Stand for Service,” and I appreciated that WSFS is a locally based organization with a long history of great Customer service and caring about its Communities.

What positions have you had at WSFS?
I’ve been a Personal Banker at the Devon, Pa. branch and now a myWSFS Banker since fall of 2019.

Were you nervous on the first day working with Customers as a Personal Banker?
A bit for sure, but the culture at WSFS is very much success-focused and supportive, so I knew I was getting set up to succeed.

Describe a typical day.
The myWSFS Team has a daily meeting when we touch base about what’s going on within myWSFS and then I’m chatting with Customers for most of the day, with calls and emails to branches and back office departments to facilitate and coordinate needs for Customers.

What are the typical things you help people with?
Account service needs and questions, which can include things like having a conversation about the best accounts and solutions for a Customer’s goals, disputing a transaction, answering the ‘why’ about something related to their accounts and coordinating a branch visit.

What has been your most satisfying moment so far?
I think it’s very satisfying when a Customer expresses that using the app has saved them time and that their experience on myWSFS has been ‘convenient,’ which is feedback I hear often.

What was the most unusual thing that someone has asked for your help with?
I’ve had Customers use myWSFS to get things done while they were abroad, which is very cool to see how myWSFS can take a local bank around the world.

Describe what it has been like helping people during the COVID-19 pandemic.
It’s been fulfilling for sure, since we’re able to get a lot of tasks completed for Customers without them needing to be in a branch, and we’re able to build a relationship over time, too, since the chat history is saved and referenceable.

What interests do you have outside of the job?
When I’m not working, I really enjoy painting, writing, hiking in the woods around Media, like in Ridley Creek State Park, finding out about and listening to music and spending time with friends and family.

Do you talk about things other than banking with your Customers?
Sure, for some Customers the conversation stays close to banking, and with other Customers, although we’ve never met in person, we’re able to chat over common points of interest, like pizza, which is mentioned in my myWSFS profile, and check in with each other to see how things are going.

How does this service set WSFS apart from other financial institutions?
Instead of using technology to make the banking experience just digital, myWSFS is leveraging technology to create a concierge banking experience more conveniently human.

Is this sort of service – combining technology with a personal touch – the future of banking?
I would bet so, yes, as I think the success of the next wave of technology will be measured by how well it directly enhances the human experience, and not just tech for tech’s sake.

What does "We Stand for Service" mean to you?
To me it means that WSFS does care deeply about how its Associates treat each other, their Customers and Communities, and that there is a pattern of conscious actions demonstrating that we stand up for service and each other.


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