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WSFS All-Purpose Club

Saving up for something special, like holiday shopping, back-to-school shopping or a family vacation? Let WSFS Bank help! The WSFS All-Purpose Club offers a convenient way to save for that one time during the year that you need some extra cash on hand to pay for a special event or major purchase. You can schedule the payout for any month you choose.

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Your WSFS All-Purpose Club account features:

Account Details

  • Earns competitive interest.*
  • No Monthly Maintenance fee.
  • Funds are transferred back to the funding account automatically.*
  • Schedule annual payout for any month of the year you choose.
  • Transfer amount can be changed at any time.
  • Set up regular auto-deductions from your WSFS checking account.
  • Adjust savings of desired amount anytime.
  • Account stays open year after year.
  • Convenient 24-hour a day access to your account. Manage your accounts anywhere, anytime!
  • Over 40 WSFS branch locations with extended banking hours.
  • Access to more than 435 ATMs throughout the region.

*During the scheduled month, funds will be automatically transferred back to the funding account unless you designate another account.

Minimum opening deposit is $25.

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