The WSFS Foundation

The WSFS Foundation supports quality public education for all children, regardless of where they live or what school they attend.

WSFS About Us Foundation
Foundation Focus

Founded in 2003, the WSFS Foundation is an affiliated but unconsolidated philanthropic arm of WSFS Financial Corporation. The Foundation primarily focuses on educational programs for children in grades K-12 who live in underserved communities and who attend our public schools. Grants are awarded for initiatives that are innovative, creative, sustainable and replicable, and that give students the opportunity to develop leadership skills and achieve academic excellence.

Grant Guidelines
The following criteria will be used to evaluate the grant proposal:
  • The targeted student population the program will impact
  • The success of previously implemented programs, or failures that will be remedied through the application of this grant
  • Evidence of need
  • Viability of program replication
  • Evidence of previously achieved benchmarks against which outcomes can be measured
  • Demonstrated ability to implement systemic change
Application Process
Education grants are award twice annually, in May and November. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis until 30 days prior to May 1st (for the May award) and November 1st (for the November award). The following information is required:
  • Application
  • Description of your organization’s mission
  • Program/project description
  • Program/project budget
  • Most recent operating budget
  • Most recent annual report
  • Biographical information for board of directors/trustees
  • IRS letter and ID number indicating 501(c)(3) status
Grant Limitations

WSFS Foundation primarily supports educational programs that can be administered in K-12 public schools. Additionally, grants may be awarded to 501(c)(3) organizations whose primary focus is educational programs enrich the curriculum and academic performance of underserved communities of Delaware and Southeastern Pennsylvania. We will not provide funding to the following types of organizations, programs or activities:

  • Individuals
  • Private schools
  • Scholarship programs
  • Debt reduction
  • Religious programs
  • Endowments or capital campaigns
Approval Process
Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis, however the submission process will conclude for each grant cycle 30 days before the committee meets (30 days before May 1st and 30 days before November 1st). Viable grant applications will be reviewed by the Corporate Contributions Committee then, if recommended for consideration, the application will be forwarded to the WSFS Foundation Board.