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Thank you for visiting the WSFS SBA Resource Center. Now that you are a WSFS Bank SBA Customer, we want to provide you with banking and SBA-related information you may find helpful. And don’t miss the WSFS small business success stories and additional business content at the bottom of the page. Check back often!

If you need assistance with something that is not outlined in the tabs below, we are here to help. Please contact your Relationship Manager or email us at [email protected].

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Icon of computer monitor and cell phone displaying $ signs on their screens.
Instructions to enroll and set up online banking.
Icon of a calculator and a clock.
How to set up one-time or recurring loan payments.
Icon of dollar bills.
Request a loan advance if your SBA loan has a draw period.
Icon of a magnifying glass going over a document.
Submitting a servicing request to your Relationship Manager.
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What to expect to be requested for an annual review.
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Instructions on requesting to prepay or receive a payoff amount.
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We’re here for you! Reach out to your Relationship Manager or email us at [email protected]