Capital Markets

Services for individuals, small businesses, wealth and trust Clients, commercial real estate and middle-market companies.[1]

WSFS Capital Markets

Best-in-class capabilities, education and support.
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White glove service

Experience our legendary, personalized Customer service.
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Cross-border payments

Securely send and track your international payments and distributions.
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Competitive rates

Access to worldwide markets and in-country accounts.
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Minimize foreign currency risk

Tailored international payment practices and foreign currency risk mitigation tools.
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Customized international investments

Currency investment vehicles to diversify your investment portfolio.

Our Capital Markets Services

Interest rate hedging

Risk management strategies and products to optimally structure debt financing needs.

International payments

Payment solutions to help businesses manage the complexities of cross-border transactions and foreign exchange.

Foreign currency accounts

Expand and optimize your international business by holding a bank account in a foreign currency.

Currency risk management

Manage international transactions and risk.

Letters of credit

Used to support a variety of performance or financial obligations.

Trade finance

An array of trade products including commercial letters of credit, documentary collections and bankers’ acceptances.

Solutions for importers and exporters

Focus on core business while minimizing the complexity and risk associated with international commerce.
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