Fraud Prevention

Business account fraud is on the rise. At WSFS Bank, we believe prevention is the best approach, and we have the solutions available to do just that. Our solutions offer added security and control over check and ACH transactions, giving you power and peace of mind.

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Safeguard Your Business From Fraud

Let WSFS help you stay vigilant with our fraud prevention solutions.
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Prevent check fraud

Our tools make it easy to compare checks written to those received for payment to ensure legitimacy.
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Block unauthorized ACH transactions

Customizable controls available to proactively prevent ACH fraud.
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Protect your business’ profits

WSFS advanced fraud prevention tools reduce financial losses due to fraud.

Our Fraud Prevention Solutions

WSFS offers customized services and solutions to protect your business.

Fight check fraud

Check Positive Pay

Provides an effective way to identify suspicious checks early and mitigate fraud.
  • Improved control over check payments with the ability to decide whether to make immediate pay/no pay decisions on potential fraudulent items
  • Increased efficiency as it is a fully automated process offered within Business Online Banking
  • Lower costs with the potential to reduce fraud losses and time and labor with an automated process

Reduce the risk of ACH fraud

ACH Positive Pay

Allows you to manage ACH debits and credits posting to your business account via filters and blocks.
  • Helps prevent fraudulent, unauthorized or erroneous ACH transactions
  • Provides the ability to place ACH transaction blocks or filters in real-time within Business Online Banking to prevent unauthorized debits
  • Considerably reduce fraud exposure and potential losses associated with electronic fraud

Payee matching Service

Payee Positive Pay

Alerts you every time a business check is presented for deposit, giving you the ability to accept or deny the check.
  • All the same benefits of Positive Pay + extra protection
  • Offers you more control over your checking transaction management process
  • Detect and prevent fraud situations through proactive check review
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Reducing the risk of fraud at your organization requires a multi-layered approach, including the latest fraud prevention solutions from WSFS Bank. But they are most effective when combined with strong security protocols within your business.

Visit our Security Center for up-to-date tips and fraud prevention education.