WSFS Bank Business Visa Debit Card

The WSFS Bank Business Visa Debit Card allows you to pay for your business expenses, pay bills online or withdraw cash from ATMs whenever you need it. Works like cash with the power of Visa behind it.

Woman holding WSFS business debit card.

Pay With Confidence and Ease

Icon of a microchip with a $ on it.

Check out quickly and securely

Enjoy the convenience and security of contactless payments and chip technology
Icon of a shield with $ on it.

$0 liability protection

Feel secure knowing you will never be held responsible for unauthorized charges made with your card[1]
Icon of a credit card with a warning alert symbol beside it.

24/7 fraud alerts

We help to protect you by immediately alerting you of potential fraud on your debit card through two-way texts, phone call and email alerts
Icon of a mobile phone with the WSFS Mobile Banking App being downloaded on it.

Card controls

With our WSFS Mobile App, lock and unlock your card, control where it can be used and establish threshold amounts
Icon of paying for something using cell phone mobile payment.
Easily add your card to your digital wallet – Apple Pay® and Samsung Pay®

Contactless – The Easy and Secure Way to Pay

Sometimes referred to as “Tap to Pay,” contactless payments use short-range wireless technology to make secure payments between a contactless card and a contactless-enabled terminal, providing the ability to “tap” the terminal to pay—without the need to swipe or insert your card. Next time you make a purchase, follow these 3 simple steps:
Look — find the contactless symbol at checkout.
Tap — Simply tap your Visa contactless card on the contactless-enabled terminal.
Go  — Your payment is processed in seconds!

Your WSFS Checking Options

Ideal for sole proprietors and small businesses looking for a low-fee checking option that offers all of the banking basics.
Ideal for businesses that need more than just the basics.
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