Commercial Real Estate

WSFS Commercial Real Estate

Are you a developer seeking funding for a project? You’ve come to the right place. Our team of commercial real estate experts has experience working on many types of projects, such as manufacturing and warehouse facilities, hotels, professional offices, residential subdivisions and retail developments.

Commercial Mortgages
We have solutions for all types of income-producing or rental real estate projects. We offer competitive rates and flexible options, including fixed- and variable-rate, long-term financing or low down payments.

Construction Loans
Our non-revolving loans are typically structured with up to 24-month terms plus monthly interest-only payments.

Construction Loans for Residential Tract Subdivisions
We fund land acquisition, site improvement and home construction for both single family and town-home projects.

Lines of Credit
Lines of credit are revolving and structured with interest-only monthly payments.

Letters of Credit
Letters of credit are available to secure performance guarantees, to ensure the fulfillment of a contract or to satisfy government requirements.