SBA Loans

wsfs_sba_lending The Small Business Administration (SBA) provides loan guarantees for business loans that may otherwise not be approved by a financial institution. WSFS Bank has been a preferred SBA lender since 1999. The SBA has guaranteed over $10 billion in small business loans in each of last 10 years.

Our SBA Lending Specialists assist borrowers through the guarantee process and loan closing. SBA guaranteed loans provide longer term payments of 10 to 25 years at modest rates. Loan can be collateral challenged. SBA guaranteed loans are appropriate for following:
  • Companies emerging from a period of financial stress.
  • Refinancing of high-rate debt.
  • Purchasing a franchise business.
  • Ownership transitions.
  • Purchasing another company.
  • Growing companies with increased working capital requirements.
  • Other borrowing needs.
Contact an SBA Lending Specialist to discuss your borrowing needs.