WSFS Wealth

Trust Services

The need for personal and professional trust, tax, and investment services has never been greater. Christiana Trust’s founders started with a simple premise: combine superior, informed asset management services delivered by experienced professionals — with the built in advantages provided by multiple jurisdictions.

Individual and Family Trusts

Protect yourself and your family, regardless of what the future may bring.


  • Minimize the impact of income and estate taxes
  • Manage your financial assets
  • Ensure that you and your beneficiaries will be secure and protected

Corporate and Institutional Trusts

Corporations and institutions desire high-quality, value-added trust services and products.


Offering trustee services, escrow and custodial services, insurance trust services and special purpose entity services.

Global Capital Markets

A premium provider of global services to the leveraged loan and capital markets.


  • Investment Grade and High Yield Debt
  • Loan Agency
  • Default & Bankruptcy
  • Project Finance

Investment Products: Are Not FDIC Insured | May Lose Value | Are Not Bank Guaranteed