Our contributions? Purposeful. Our impact? Visible.

Making a visible impact in the lives of others is our mission and our goal when it comes to community efforts. We support non-profit organizations that focus on education, health and human services, programs for the homeless and economic development and business growth.

WSFS supports educational programs for children in grades K-12 who live in underserved communities and attend our public schools. Grants are awarded for initiatives that are innovative, creative, sustainable and replicable, and that give students the opportunity to develop leadership skills and achieve academic excellence.

Health and Human Services
WSFS contributes to organizations that protect the health of those who live within our communities and are least able to afford the health care services they need. We also support educational programs that prevent illness and promote healthy lifestyles and offer services to people with disabilities and special needs.

Programs for the Homeless
WSFS provides support to organizations that shelter the homeless, feed the hungry, or provide affordable housing solutions. We also make contributions to 501(c)(3) non-profits who address the housing needs of low to moderate income individuals and families.

Economic Development and Business Growth
WSFS partners with organizations that promote a quality standard of living and economic wellbeing of the communities we serve.

We support events, initiatives and activities that enhance the quality of life in our communities and that promote cultural diversity, and involve civic leadership and citizen education.

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