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WSFS Financial Corporation (WSFS) is a multi-billion dollar financial services company. Its primary subsidiary, WSFS Bank (Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB), is the oldest and largest locally-managed bank and trust company headquartered in Delaware and the Greater Delaware Valley. As of September 30, 2019, WSFS Financial Corporation had $12.3 billion in assets on its balance sheet and $20.2 billion in assets under management and administration. WSFS operates from 127 offices located in Pennsylvania (56), Delaware (49), New Jersey (20), Virginia (1) and Nevada (1) and provides comprehensive financial services including commercial banking, retail banking, cash management and trust and wealth management.

Serving our communities since 1832, WSFS Bank is one of the ten oldest banks in the United States continuously operating under the same name. Other subsidiaries or divisions of WSFS Financial Corporation are listed below.

The Wealth Management segment of WSFS provides a broad array of planning and advisory services, investment management, trust services, and credit and deposit products to individual, corporate, and institutional clients through multiple integrated businesses, including:

WSFS Institutional Services, a division of WSFS Bank, offers owner and indenture trustee services for asset-backed securities, indenture trustee for corporate debt issuances, administrative and collateral agent for the leveraged loan market, as well as custody, escrow, verification agent and independent director services.

Cypress Capital Management, a subsidiary of WSFS, is a registered investment advisor with a primary market segment of high net worth individuals offering a balanced investment style focused on current income and preservation of capital.

Powdermill Financial Solutions, a subsidiary of WSFS, is a boutique multi-family office for ultra-high net worth families, entrepreneurs and corporate executives.

WSFS Wealth Investments, a division of WSFS Bank, provides advisory, insurance and brokerage products primarily to our retail banking clients.

West Capital Management, a subsidiary of WSFS, offers fee-only and fully-customized investment, tax and estate planning strategies to high net worth individuals and institutions.

Cash Connect®, a division of WSFS Bank, is a premier provider of ATM vault cash and related services in the United States and operates nearly 500 ATMs for WSFS Bank, which has one of the largest ATM networks in the Greater Delaware Valley.

WSFS Mortgage, a division of WSFS Bank, is a leading mortgage lender providing a wide range of mortgage programs in the Delaware Valley and nationally. Arrow Land Transfer is a related title insurance agent serving communities in Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

NewLane Finance, a commercial equipment finance company that delivers simple, fast, and competitive financing solutions. In Q4 2019, Beneficial Equipment Finance Corporation combined with NewLane Finance to form a single platform dedicated to a Customer-centric approach and a commitment to building business relationships.

WSFS Bank Headquarters: 
500 Delaware Avenue
Wilmington, DE 19801

General Media Inquiries:
Rebecca Acevedo
Vice President, Director of Corporate Communications
Phone: 215-253-5566
Email: racevedo@wsfsbank.com

Investor Relations Media Contact:
Elizabeth Wager
Phone: 302-504-9857
Email: stockholderrelations@wsfsbank.com

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