Reminders for Safeguarding Your Accounts

WSFS is serious about safeguarding your personal information and we want to take this opportunity to share some helpful tips to help protect you and your accounts.

  • Strange Calls – Never provide passwords or verification codes over the phone. Be skeptical of phone calls asking you: to send money to anyone for any reason, to update or verify personal information, or notifying you that you won a contest you didn’t enter. Be especially skeptical if the call quality is poor and/or if you are ever asked to act with urgency. Before acting, get a second opinion or try to verify the legitimacy of the request independently by calling us at 1-888-WSFSBANK. We’re here for you and welcome those calls.

  • Suspicious Transactions – When reviewing your monthly statements, if there are payments to any vendor names you don’t readily recognize, please contact WSFS Bank to verify that the payment is legitimate. Also, check to ensure paid amounts are correct, cancelled or refunded transactions are removed and there are no duplicate transactions. We encourage you to check your account activity daily through online or mobile banking.