1 0% APR for 9 full billing cycles if completed in first 3 billing cycles of account opening. $250 minimum. Fees may apply.
2 Eligibility of dining and grocery purchases is determined by the Merchant Category Code (MCC) of the merchant where transactions take place. MCCs are not determined by WSFS Bank. 3% Cash Back includes grocery stores and supermarkets and excludes convenience stores, super stores and warehouse clubs. 2% Cash Back includes restaurants, cafes, and businesses whose primary function is serving prepared food. 1% Cash Back includes all goods and services, excluding balance transfers, returns, cash advances, fees and finance charges, and purchases of cash equivalents. Other exclusions may apply.
3 Cash back applies on all retail purchases and excludes returns, balance transfers, cash advances, fees, and finance charges. Other exclusions may apply.

All WSFS Credit cards come with contactless technology.

Sometimes referred to as ‘Tap to Pay,’ contactless payments are:

  • Secure—Enjoy enhanced security at chip-enabled terminals as each transaction uses a one-time code to protect payment information.
  • Easy—Pay by tapping on any merchant terminal that has the contactless symbol. Millions of places worldwide accept contactless cards, and the traditional contact chip and magnetic stripe may still be used for merchants who do not yet accept contactless payments.
  • Fast—Payments are processed in seconds.


Find the contactless symbol at checkout.


Simply tap your Visa contactless card on the contactless-enabled terminal.


Your payment is processed in seconds!

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