What We Offer

Commercial Mortgages

Competitive rates and flexible options, including fixed and variable-rate, long-term financing or low down payments.

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Construction Loans

Our non-revolving loans are typically structured with up to 24-month terms plus monthly interest-only payments.

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Equipment Finance
Construction Loans for Residential Tract Subdivisions

We fund land acquisition, site improvement and home construction for both single family and town-home projects.

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When Many Commercial Real Estate Projects Were Put on Hold, Hightop Development Found a Way to Persevere

Amid the pandemic, many commercial real estate projects were forced to hit pause due to government shutdowns, supply chain issues and other unforeseen circumstances. In a bustling city like Philadelphia, where multi-family housing and commercial space is in demand and development timelines are often tight, delays in these types of projects can be detrimental to the market and to the project itself.

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How a Small Business Commercial Real Estate Loan Can Help Owners Plant Roots and Reinvest in Their Business

For many small business owners, finding the right location is only half the battle. From lease agreements and rising costs of rent to finding a new location when necessary, sifting through the options can be overwhelming and time consuming – and it takes you away from driving sales and revenue.

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Give Your Small Business the Home it Deserves

During the life span of their business, every small business owner faces decisions about where to open a physical location, whether to stay there long term, and if they own the building, what improvements to make and how to finance them.

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