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International Services for Individuals

Providing the globalized individual with cost savings and security when transacting cross-borders. Leverage WSFS’s worldwide market access to receive corporate level exchange rates as a consumer.

Personal Interest Overseas

WSFS provides you with cost savings and security when transacting across borders. Leverage WSFS’s worldwide market access to receive corporate level exchange rates as a consumer.

Investing Internationally

WSFS helps you minimize foreign currency risk with tailored international payment practices and foreign currency risk mitigation tools. We provide currency investment vehicles to diversify your investment portfolios.

How We Help:
  • White glove service
  • Payment tracking
  • Competitive market pricing
  • Secure payment network
  • Global market commentary
  • Customized international investment vehicles
  • Cross-border payments and distributions

Our Services

International Payments

Currency Risk Management

Travel Cash

Foreign Currency Account

Frequently Asked Questions

A WSFS Capital Markets expert will help you find the right solution.

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