Our Cash Management Products


Make or collect payments electronically, streamlining your business operations. 

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Increase foot traffic and add revenue with a WSFS ATM.

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Online Mobile
Cash Management Online Banking

Track cash flow to be prepared for anything - anytime, anywhere.

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Fraud Protection

Be smart and proactive about defending your business from the very real threat of fraud.

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Merchant Services

Make everyone's life easier by enabling your customers to pay using credit and debit cards.

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Wire Transfers

Quickly and securely transmit funds to banks, worldwide.

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cd check imaging
CD Check Imaging

Images of cleared checks with your monthly statement, provided to you free of charge.

Credit Sweep

Automatically pay down short-term borrowing to save money, while maintaining liquidity. 

money market
Investment Sweep

Let your cash grow itself by automatically moving extra $ into interest-earning accounts.


Streamline and speed up your collection processes in a safe and efficient manner.

Money Room Cash Logistics

The easier, smarter, and safer solution for cash logistics.

Smart Safes

Speed up cash flow, reduce risk, and minimize armored carrier pickups.

check express
Xpress Deposit

Deposit customers' checks without even leaving the office.

direct checking
Zero Balance Accounts

Consolidate funds on a daily basis to maintain control and free up cash for investment or growth.

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Ways to Protect your Business Accounts

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Top Tools to Improve Cash Flow: Tips for Cash Management

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