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Corporate Trust and Agency Services

At WSFS Institutional Services, we fulfill your organization's need for high-quality, value-added institutional and corporate trust services and products that provide innovative solutions for your needs today.

Our Services

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Trustee Services

Providing superior client service and focusing on the details of your transaction is our top priority. We offer the following corporate trustee services:

  • Indenture Trustee
  • Owner Trustee
  • Paying Agent
  • Registrar and Transfer Agent
  • Delaware Statutory Trusts
  • Successor Trustee
  • Liquidating Trusts
  • Escrow Services
  • Custody and e-Vault Services
  • Collateral Agency
  • 1031 DST Services
  • Independent Director
  • Manager and Special Member Services
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Structured Finance

WSFS Institutional Services provides Structured Finance solutions to several asset-backed solutions like residential mortgage-backed securities (“RMBS”), mortgage backed securities (“MBS”) and many other asset-backed solutions, including consumer loans, student loans, solar panels, etc.

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Agency Services

Let our experienced and professional staff be your resource for guiding you through and administering a variety of escrow, collateral and custodial services.

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Special Purpose Entity Services

Trust us to create and manage an entity that can meet your goals and become a successful component of your planning strategy for your corporate trust.

  • Independent Director, Manager and Special Member Services for Special Purpose Vehicles

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Why Choose WSFS?

Serving our communities since 1832, WSFS Bank is one of the ten oldest banks in the United States continuously operating under the same name. How do you get to be nearly 200 years old in a world that's constantly changing? For us, the answer has always been the same: create a team of Associates who are passionate about serving the community, and success will follow. Our Mission and Values serve as essential reminders about who we are and how we do business.

Investment Products: Are Not FDIC Insured | May Lose Value | Are Not Bank Guaranteed

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Sandy Whalen

Senior Vice President

Corporate Trust

A financial expert will help you find the right solution.

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