speed up cash flow safely and conveniently

Smart Safe Solutions

Knowing how much cash is coming in — and going out — allows you to keep your business running smoothly. Smart safe technology, a fast-growing system of cash management, makes that safe and easy.

Key Features of Smart Safe Solutions

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Expedited Cash Flow

Our Smart Safe solution through Cash Connect offers next-day credit for funds placed in the safe. That allows you to help you manage their cash with breathtaking efficiency. And here’s the best part: you don’t have to change banks! Perfect.

Improved Efficiency

Everyone is trying to do more with less. Cash handling, trips to the bank, theft – all weigh heavily on your business efficiency. Our smart safe solution helps you streamline operations and run a more productive business.

Enhanced Safety and Security

Cash attracts crime. Internal and external thefts are problems every business owner faces. Smart safes help reduce the risk of internal theft and eliminate the need to drive large sums of cash to the bank.

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