My WSFS credit card was lost or stolen. How can I get a new one?

Before ordering a new card, you can freeze your lost/stolen WSFS credit card via the WSFS Bank mobile app. Once you log into the mobile banking app, click “more” then “card controls” and you will be able to disable your card for use. This will help prevent any additional transactions from being conducted on your lost/stolen card.

If you do not have the mobile banking app, or prefer to call, you can also report your card lost/stolen and any fraudulent activity by calling 888.973.7226 (select option #1 for English or #2 for Spanish) then select option #1.

To order a replacement credit card: Call 888.973.7226 (Monday – Friday 7am to 7pm and Saturday – Sunday 9am to 3pm) or visit the nearest banking office.

Note: While replacement debit cards can typically be issued on demand at one of our banking offices, replacement credit cards will need to be ordered and mailed to you.

Is there a fee for making a transaction in a foreign country and/or with foreign currency?

Yes. The fee is 3% of the transaction amount, once converted to US Dollars.

I have a charge on my account I want to dispute. Who do I contact?

The fastest way is to dispute online (log into WSFS online banking, select Manage My Card from the drop-down next to your credit card, click on the transaction, click on Dispute This Charge).  Or you can call 888.973.7226 and we’ll go through the account charges with you. We may need to transfer you to our partner if a fraud case needs to be opened.

How do I pay my credit card bill if I don’t have a checking account at WSFS?

If you have a WSFS credit card but not a WSFS checking account, you can pay your credit card bill by calling 866.839.3409 or by visiting the following websites:

Personal credit cards:

Business credit cards:

How do I redeem my WSFS credit card cash back rewards?

To redeem your WSFS credit card cash back rewards visit or call 800.854.0790.

Can I apply jointly, or as a co-applicant with someone else?

No. Everyone is encouraged to apply but must do so individually.  We have other borrowing options available if you feel that you need a co-applicant.

Can I choose my due date?

Yes. Cardholders are randomly placed into billing cycles, but we can change it to any day of the month that works for you.

Can I set up alerts for my WSFS credit card?

Yes. You can set up alerts for your WSFS credit card through WSFS Online and Mobile Banking.

Is there a fee if I make my payment by phone?

No. Payments are accepted by phone with no fee.  Unless your account is delinquent and an expedited payment is required, then a fee may apply.

How much is my minimum payment?

Your minimum payment will be the greater of $25 (or the entire amount due, if less than $25) or 2% of the New Balance rounded up to the nearest whole dollar; plus any amount exceeding your credit limit and all past due amounts.

How is my payment applied to my balance?

Payments are first allocated to your minimum payment due.  Payment amounts in excess of your minimum payment due will be applied first to the balance with the highest APR and then to balances with lower APRs in descending order based on the applicable annual percentage rate.

When will my payment be posted?

Payments received on a recognized business day by 5pm Eastern will be credited to your account as of the same day.  Payments received after 5pm Eastern will be credited as of the next available business day.

How can I make my payment?

You can pay online, by phone, or at a branch – all at no charge.

Do you offer card controls with the WSFS credit card?

Yes. With our WSFS Mobile App, you can lock and unlock your credit card, control where it can be used and establish threshold amounts. To enable card controls, click on More the bottom left corner and select Card Controls. Choose the card(s) you wish to lock or unlock or set up special preferences.

What is the difference between locking my credit card and reporting it lost or stolen?

Locking your credit card temporarily blocks new purchases and ATM transactions, but your credit card number does not change. When you report a card lost or stolen, your existing card is immediately deactivated and a new credit card with new credit card number will be issued and mailed to you.

It seems my card was flagged for some kind of “fraud rule” and now isn’t working. How can I get that removed?

Call 888.973.7226 first.  We’ll walk through your recent charges to ensure no fraud has taken place.  If there has been no fraud, we’ll contact our partner FIS and have the block removed.  If there have been fraudulent charges, we’ll close your card down and issue you another.  We’ll then need to transfer you to our partner FIS to open up a fraud case.  Any disputed balances will be removed from the calculation for payment or interest due.

Can I use my new WSFS Credit Card immediately?

You will first need to call the number on the activation sticker. This will activate your new card, and then you can sign the back and begin using it.

What is the fastest way to pay and have credit available to spend?

Online payments are the fastest way to pay your account and will result in credit being available for use the soonest.

What information is needed to complete a balance transfer?

You will need the name and payment address of the credit card institution, the account number, and the amount you would like to transfer.

Will I get a PIN number to use for Cash Advances?

Yes. A mailer will be sent separate from your card with your new PIN included.

Is there a fee for Cash Advances?

Yes. The fee is 3% of the amount, with a minimum of $10 (no maximum).  And cash advances begin to accrue finance charges immediately – there is no grace period on cash advances.  There are also several types of “Cash Equivalent” purchases that count as Cash Advances, including purchases of traveler’s checks, savings bonds, foreign currency, money orders, wire transfers, lottery tickets, gift cards, purchases or reloading of prepaid cards, gaming chips and other methods used for gambling transactions.

Can I add an Authorized Users on my account?

Yes. Consumer cardholders may add up to 3 additional Authorized Users to their accounts.  However, the primary cardholder (not the Authorized User) will be solely responsible for the account(s).  Authorized Users are not reported to credit bureaus and do not build credit.  In contrast, Business cardholders may add as many Authorized Users onto their accounts as they’d like.

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Still Have Questions?

Our friendly Associates are here to help 7am-7pm (M-F) and 9am-3pm (on weekends) at 888.973.7226, by scheduling an appointment or visiting the nearest WSFS Banking Office.