“Ron the Closer” – How One WSFS Associate Stood and Sat For Service for His Customers


Reading Time: 2 minutes

He’s closed a mortgage loan sitting on a pickle bucket and in a high-rise on Wall Street, too. Meet Ron Jablonski.

When you’ve been in the mortgage and real estate business for more than three decades like Ron, you’ve seen some unusual circumstances unfold during a closing.

“I always tell my team ‘stuff’s going to happen, it’s how we react to it that matters to the Customer, and this pandemic is no different,” says Jablonski Assistant Vice President of Title Operations for WSFS Mortgage. “Our Customers are still depending on us to help them close on property, to conduct their banking, and to guide them through these times with empathy and expertise.”

Ron doesn’t just talk the talk though. On Thursday, March 26, he stepped up and walked the walk on his Customer service philosophy.

“We had a couple scheduled to close but their attorney advised them not to get out of their car for health reasons,” Jablonski explains. “So, I grabbed a chair, folding table and their mortgage documents, set up an outdoor office in the parking spot next to them and we closed the deal. It helped that it was a beautiful day!”

The Customers were delighted and couldn’t believe the lengths Ron went to for them to meet their goal. They even snapped a few photos of “Ron the Closer,” as he’s now affectionately referred to by his colleagues at WSFS. The Customers later texted the photos to Ron with a huge thank you.

“Our mission is ‘We Stand For Service’,” says Jablonski. “I believe that when the situation gets tough, that’s when true service really stands out across WSFS. I’m not the only one helping our Customers when they need it most. It makes me proud to be a part of this amazing WSFS team.”