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QuotePro and Cash Connect: A Match Made in Kiosk Heaven

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By Marco Freudman, President, QuotePro | Published: January 2022


QuotePro provides innovative kiosks, digital sales technology, mobile applications, websites, and payment technology for insurance, BHPH (Buy Here Pay Here) and franchise auto dealers, utilities, healthcare, municipalities and more. At our core, we make cash affordable and help businesses better serve their cash-preferred and underbanked consumers. One of our signature products is the QuotePro Kiosk, which accepts all payment types and helps facilitate faster and safer transactions anywhere, from auto dealerships to healthcare institutions.

Established in 1991, we have expanded to new industries and learned more about how our customers utilize our solutions. It became apparent that we needed a partner to innovate and grow with us. To help accomplish this goal, in 2018, we combined forces to incorporate Cash Connect’s vault cash services onto our kiosk platform to provide next-day cash funding services.

Through this partnership, we were able to enter the market with not only a cashiering kiosk solution but one that would provide next-day cash reconciliation alongside card and ACH payments. In addition to the cash logistics side, working with Cash Connect allows our machines to integrate with mobile app solutions that greatly simplify the payment reconciliation process.

Among the many opportunities that emerged from our partnership with Cash Connect, two are especially noteworthy.

Creating Accessibility and Saving Time
In an increasingly contactless world where cash remains not only a necessary but a preferred payment method, our combined kiosk and vault cash services offering will be critical to our continued success. Historically, going through the process of handling cash onsite and by hand was time-consuming and error-prone. By leveraging our technology and cash logistics services, our business partners can remove the extra step in counting cash and utilize the time saved to focus on managing their business.

Take, for example, a retail chain with 100 nationwide locations.   Each store location will have to open and close a cash drawer as well as collect and deposit funds to and from various banks. By using our vault cash services, employees will never touch cash again, all cash settles to one account, and reconciliation is done in minutes.

For consumers, it streamlines the amount of time it would normally take to work with a bank for approvals or cashier’s checks and gives underbanked access to funds and manage their finances through a secure banking partner.

Quicker and More Secure Transactions
Working with Cash Connect was a natural progression because QuotePro’s kiosks are ATM-based. We knew we needed a partner who knew the industry intimately and could provide the reliability and security of dispensing cash on the spot. Our kiosks are unique in that, among other things, they also accept cash for payments and can dispense back the difference, even to the penny.

Cash Connect’s technology complements our services by providing an added layer of security that comes with handling, transporting, and settling the physical cash safely and accurately, which results in significant time and cost savings.

Finding another company that shares your values and believes in your business and the services you provide your customers is rare. It has been a pleasure to work with Cash Connect to provide a reliable product ideally suited for our customers.

About the Author – Marco Freudman
Marco Freudman has been the CEO of QuotePro since 2001. He and his team help businesses sell online and in-store through custom mobile applications, cashiering payment kiosks, showroom kiosks, website solutions and call center services.

Before running QuotePro, Marco worked in computer science, international banking, commercial lending, and options trading. He holds an MBA from Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management. Follow him on LinkedIn at



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