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REC Philly’s Close-Knit Artist Community Taps Into Unique Talents, Grows Careers and Businesses Through Collaboration

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By Eric Springer | Published: August 2021


At times during the COVID-19 pandemic, REC Philly members were only able collaborate remotely as they developed and refined their creative talents and business acumen.

A physical space, digital application, and creator community designed and dedicated to providing its members with the resources, education and opportunities to build sustainable and scalable businesses around their talent, REC Philly leadership didn’t slow down when they we forced to shut their doors during the parts of 2021 early 2021.

Instead, they stepped up the use of online collaborations, educational resources and more giving artists an outlet to continue refining their craft and learning how to turn their talents into a business.

As a proud sponsor of REC Philly and supporter of the arts community, WSFS Bank works closely with REC to provide memberships for REC artists, or Creators, throughout the year while providing educational resources for these talented entrepreneurs.

Each Creator is forging their own path to success with the support of REC Philly, WSFS and each other. Click the link in each Creator’s name below to view their journeys in their own words and follow them on Instagram to see their work!

Xavier Luciano is a dancer, filmmaker and photographer whose art strives to invoke emotion, feeling or a call to action in people, which also helps him connect to people and feel fulfilled. Follow Xavier.

Rae Dianz, a music and multimedia artist, uses music to feed her inner child and have fun while focusing on working with intention, leading to a rewarding experience as she grows her craft and career. Follow Rae.

Adam the Guy’s role as media director for GLBVLLG (Global Village), an urban wellness community organization, and freelance work as a videographer, editor and “all around idea guy” enables him to continuously collaborate and learn. Follow Adam.

Ayannah Kamryn combines her talents as a writer, storyteller and host as she builds her career as an entrepreneur, cultivating her abilities to show people her talents and skills as she transitions from a “9-5 mindset.” Follow Ayannah.

Shelia Vitruk uses her art, which includes custom panting, merchandise and lifestyle pieces, to express her personality and connect with people as she pursues her passion as an entrepreneur. Follow Sheila.

John Butler, or Cousin John, is a children’s book author, whose Chase book series features African American characters and teaches valuable life lessons, aiming to connect children with parents through stories they can bond over. Follow John.

Jon Santos, known as JonJukebox on stage, is a DJ and producer who was featured at REC's Grand Opening. Jon started producing and deejaying as a young teen and uses his craft to connect with people, introducing music to start conversations and create an environment of creative freedom. Follow Jon.

Tristan Seyek is a filmmaker and musician who returned to Philadelphia after a stint in New York after witnessing Philly’s burgeoning music and visual arts scene. He started working with artists in Philly while in New York and knew moving back was the key to expanding his career as a visual Creator. Follow Tristan.

Bobby Byrne, a producer and sound engineer originally from Dublin, Ireland, moved to Philadelphia five years ago and was looking to make connections in the electronic arts industry when he happened upon REC Philly. Joining REC has helped him develop a community of collaborators and artists with a similar mindset and approach to their craft. Follow Bobby.

Misha, aka Blanco Rabbit, is a graphic designer and DJ who dives into a project motivated by the “potential of what could be.” Being an independent entrepreneur, having the community at REC Philly helps her have collaborative experiences with fellow artists. Follow Misha, aka Blanco Rabbit.

Interested in turning your creativity into a business? Read these tips for establishing a solid financial footing and visit REC Philly to learn more about joining their Creator community.

About the Author – Eric Springer
Eric Springer is Assistant Vice President, Integrated Communications Manager at WSFS Bank. He brings more than 15 years’ experience in corporate communications and marketing for banking, professional services and nonprofit organizations.



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