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Startup Grind with Candice Caruso

running-a-business | Read Time: 25 minutes

By Candice Caruso | Published: July 2021

Candice Caruso joined Dr. Dan Young of TEDx – Wilmington on a recent episode of Startup Grind, an international collection of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who share best practices and learnings in their careers.

In this episode, Candice offers advice on developing relationships for startups, presenting the value of your business to potential investors and financial partners, post-PPP funding opportunities through the SBA, and how to develop a “disruption mindset” to cultivate and grow your business.

Candice also discusses her background as an entrepreneur and Fintech startup leader, the career path that led to her intrapreneurial role at WSFS Bank as the Director of Government Guaranteed Lending, and how her role factored into WSFS’ PPP efforts.

Watch the video below to learn more!

About the Presenter – Candice Caruso
Candice Caruso is Senior Vice President, Director of Government Guaranteed Lending at WSFS Bank. She brings more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, including 12 years as a business funding expert, and has been featured on Bloomberg Radio, CNBC’s Closing Bell, The Wall Street Journal and Franchising World.


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