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Stop Fumbling Over Cash for the Big Game: Key Considerations to Keep Cash Safe

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By Gabrielle Widenor | Published: February 2022


Every year, sports fans swarm to local restaurants and bars to eat, drink, and cheer on the teams playing in the Big Game. In towns across the country, most establishments prepare for an increase in business for this day. In some cities, bars and restaurants saw a 40% or more revenue increase, according to Womply Research, on this major Sunday in 2018. As indoor dining restrictions are easing nationwide, local restaurants and bars should prepare for what could be the busiest day since the start of the pandemic.

Events like the Big Game bring an influx of cash to establishments of all sizes, some of which might not have the right cash logistics system in place. When managing an influx of cash, there is an increased chance of risks for cash mismanagement. Below are some key risks to prepare for as you and your team get ready for the Big Game or any influx in customers paying cash:

  • Consider Smart Safe Technology to Reduce Cash Loss: By nature of the business, restaurants and the food-service industry run a high risk of threats including cash shrinkage, inefficient cash handling and the amount of time you are paying employees to handle cash. Identify the amount of time you and your staff spend handling cash. Once that amount of time is calculated, determine the labor costs to support cash handling efforts alone. For example, a smart safe or other device can save about an hour a day of an employee’s work time, and with minimum wage increasing to $15 per hour this could result in a $450 savings per month. Soft and hard costs can add up and can typically justify implementing a cash logistics solution like a cash recycler or smart safe from a company like Cash Connect. Smart safes enable businesses to deposit money directly into a secure safe that automatically calculates the amount of money deposited, removing human error from the equation. The money deposited is then available in the business’ bank account the next day, without having to visit a bank in person. Our stats show that restaurants are the top adopters of smart safes since it saves them time, money, and significantly lowers their personnel risk while providing daily cash flow.
  • Drawer Drop Off: If you or one of your employees will be physically taking cash from your business to a local bank branch, you must consider the associated risks, especially if they follow a routine for this process. A full-service partner will not only ensure you have the appropriate amount of cash on hand based on current activity – including factoring in high-cash holidays – but can safely handle transport without risk of harm to your employees or cash loss.
  • Cash Reporting and Reconcilement: With the added excitement and hustle of a busy day, you may experience a higher volume of reconcilement challenges. Leveraging cash automation technology with reporting features can provide critical business intelligence, especially when managing and monitoring cash flow across several locations. This frees up more time for your employees to be assisting customers and minimizes the opportunity for error.

As many establishments are still working to rebuild after the COVID pandemic, gameday can be an exciting time for restaurants and bars as they look to rebuild their financial foundations. Exploring the option of a third-party organization that can manage these cash-heavy days—everything from in-store cash management to up-to-date cash flow—allows you to not only save time, but it ensures your cash is safe, secure, and available. Now is an optimal time to rethink your cash logistics solutions and consider whether an all-in-one partner could help you better compete in the market or if there are à la carte options that could solve the individual challenges you’re facing.

About the Author – Gabrielle Widenor
Gabrielle Widenor is the Business Development Executive for Cash Connect, a division of WSFS Bank. She is responsible for the growth of several product lines and channel partner relationships nationally. Prior to joining WSFS in 2015, Gabrielle held various leadership roles and cultivated invaluable sales and marketing experience over the course of 10+ years. She is a graduate of Tufts University and School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.



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