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Tips to Get the Most Out of Online and Mobile Banking

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By Corynn Ciber | Published: February 2022


Online and mobile banking adoption has risen rapidly in recent years, particularly during the pandemic, as consumers look for a safe and convenient way to manage their money.

While there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to managing your finances, utilizing online and mobile banking can help in many ways.

Here are a few tips to get the most out of your digital banking experience and the advantages of using these tools.

Card Controls and Security
Misplacing a debit or credit card can bring quite a bit of anxiety, but with the help of card controls, you can instantly lock and unlock your cards in real-time in the event they’re lost or stolen. These features also enable you to set up controls related to spending limits, geographic regions or specific merchant types, as well as options for push notifications whenever a card is used, which can help with budgeting and fraud prevention.

Mobile banking can also provide an extra layer of security to help protect your bank accounts from fraud through use of biometric data like facial recognition to access the app as well as offering two-factor authentication.

Peer-to-Peer & Mobile Payments
Peer-to-peer payments have increased rapidly in recent years as well. Whether you’re reimbursing a friend for dinner or sending a birthday gift to a loved one, with mobile banking you can do this safely and securely with Zelle®. All you need is the person’s email address or phone number to easily send money to others, regardless of where in the U.S. they bank.

In addition to Zelle, you can set up mobile payment options that link directly to your debit card like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or PayPal. Mobile payment options provide a simple way to make in-app and online purchases without needing to type your full card number, as well as enable you to checkout in-store quickly and securely at the register without needing your physical card.

Snapshot Deposit
The hustle and bustle of everyday life can sometimes leave it difficult to find time to stop at your local banking office. With the help of mobile banking, you can save yourself the trip when you need to deposit checks with snapshot deposit. All you need is your signature, your phone’s camera and your mobile app.

Managing Your Bills, Budgets and Documents
Managing your finances and budget for both the short-term and long-term is crucial for achieving your goals. With the help of online and mobile banking, you can easily track your income and expenses, look for cost savings and make any necessary budget adjustments.

Bill pay also enables you to safely and securely pay your monthly expenses without having to write a check or remember passwords for multiple biller sites. You can set up auto-payments and bill pay alerts, update payee information and more, all within your mobile app.

Your online and mobile banking account also houses important account statements and notices, including your tax documents. By going paperless for your statements, you can enhance security and avoid the potential for documents getting lost in the mail, save time by not having to wait for statements to arrive, and help save a few trees in the long run.

There are quite a few advantages to online and mobile banking, perhaps most importantly the convenience of being able to access and manage your accounts when and where you want. If you haven’t already set up your online accounts, the start of the year is just as good a time as any as you work toward a successful 2022.

About the Author –  Corynn Ciber
Corynn Ciber is Senior Vice President & Chief Digital Officer at WSFS Bank. She has more than 20 years of experience in the banking and financial services industry.



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