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Two Organizations, One Shared Vision: A Stronger Community

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By WSFS Contributor | Published: January 2022


How WSFS Helps The Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia Serve the Region’s Most In-Need
The Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia has been serving youth since 1887, when the Germantown Club first opened its doors. Since then, the organization has expanded, providing quality programming to youth in neighborhoods across Philadelphia. Its mission: to enable all young people, especially those most in need, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. Over the past 134 years, The Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia has grown to 21 clubs throughout the region’s most impoverished communities and the dedicated staff, volunteers, and partners work together to impact more than 9,600 young people each year.

“As a nonprofit organization, financial stability is always top of mind,” said Joseph and Lisabeth Marziello, President-CEOs of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia. “How can we be sure we are operating as efficiently and responsibly as possible so that the maximum amount of dollars can be spent where they are truly needed… providing resources and programming to those in need. Strong financial relationships are key to the growing demands and strategic landscape of our fast-paced nonprofit.”

Strengthening the financial stability of the organization was a core tenet of the Marziellos’ mission when they joined The Boys & Girls Clubs in 2012. Their longstanding relationship with the team at WSFS has been critical in helping to ensure that the community’s everchanging needs are met.

“The key advantages to working with a partner like WSFS is that they are local,” added the Marziellos. “Not only are they local, but they also understand the community and our needs. WSFS has woven their business into the fabric of this region.”

Most importantly, the Marziellos note that in addition to their WSFS team’s historical knowledge of The Club’s operations and community, they share in its core values of trust, loyalty, ethics, transparency, and civic responsibility.

Duane Lacsamana and Pat Fisher of WSFS have worked with The Boys and Girls Clubs of Philadelphia for years, providing guidance in key financial aspects, such as applying for available grants and understanding eligibility requirements for different programs within the City of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Housing Authority. Amid the pandemic, the two organizations navigated the unprecedented times together as The Boys & Girls Clubs operations pivoted to providing meals to low-income families while working to retain more than 220 employee positions.

Lacsamana states, “Working side by side with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Philadelphia really allowed me to see the results from their fundraising and the impact it has on our community. The Marziellos have transformed several buildings into a haven for the children of our City. Now, more than ever, with COVID-19 and the rising gun violence that plagues the city, the clubs and their programs have allowed the children to empower themselves, learn, and just be kids. We are fortunate to play a small part of their success.”

What’s next for The Clubs?

“We are continuing to change the landscape of opportunity with renovated buildings, new construction, new and improved programs, and transformational life experiences for the kids who need us most,” said the Marziellos.


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