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Working in all Different Departments, WSFS Interns Are Adding Their Personalities and Ideas to the Culture of the Bank!

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By Annie Holmes | Published: July 2022


Internships are a vital part of the beginning of a career and WSFS Bank provides great programs to make sure its interns have the needed resources to grow professionally and personally!

Whether working at our banking offices or corporate back-office locations, all 103 of WSFS’ interns are using this summer to gain unique and valuable real-world experience to help kickstart their careers.

“This summer’s interns represent many business lines such as Retail, Compliance, Deposit Services, Wealth, Cash Connect, Commercial, Mortgage—you name it, we filled it,” said Dionndra Rooks, Talent Acquisition Partner.

“My team at the Ocean View banking office has given me everything I need to be successful this summer at WSFS,” said Holly Baker, Retail Banking Intern.  “I have a great support system at work that has allowed me to thrive in my role.”

Holly began her journey with WSFS this May. She is from Georgetown, Delaware and is heading into her senior year at Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee, where she is pursuing a degree in accounting.

At her banking office, Holly has face-to-face interactions with Customers and gets hands-on experience into the world of banking. “Working at WSFS has allowed me to learn the process of being a Personal Banker, which allows me to connect my studies to the world of finance,” she added.

Something WSFS prides itself on is its culture and how each Associate contributes to making the culture what it is today. “My favorite aspect of WSFS is its culture. I feel like it takes so much dedication from the top down to build a culture that is so focused on the people, and I have really enjoyed experiencing that first-hand,” Holly said.

Alongside her internship and studies, Holly enjoys reading, playing piano, singing, and going to the beach! When asked who she would like to have dinner with, of anyone in the world, Holly answered, “Thomas Edison because I love soaking in knowledge and I imagine that Edison would be an amazing person to learn from because of his inventions.”

Wealth Management Intern Thomas Margiotti, who works from the Berwyn office, has found his place while working for Bryn Mawr Trust so far this summer. Thomas is originally from Lafayette Hill, Montgomery County, Pa., and is a rising senior at Pennsylvania State University where he is studying finance.

“Bryn Mawr Trust and WSFS Bank are well-recognized and well-renowned in my area, so I knew that learning wealth management through them was going to be a wonderful opportunity for my professional development and understanding of the field overall,” Thomas explained.

In his role, Thomas has been able to be a part of different projects and meetings within the Wealth Management department, some of which include his intern capstone project and the equity research team meetings. Thomas is also very impressed by the culture that is present within Bryn Mawr Trust and WSFS. “There’s a culture of friendliness and helpfulness that was really encouraging to someone just starting out. Everyone’s willingness to help and their words of encouragement made the onboarding process that much easier.”

One of his most memorable projects so far has been when he helped prepare an estate home to be listed on the market and was there, in-person, when an auctioneer went through the property to find items to list. “I never knew how on-the-ground wealth management could be and all that went into it until I helped with this project,” he said.

Outside of working, Thomas enjoys reading, keeping up with current events, watching documentaries, finding new music, and recently, cooking. He once was even contacted by The Ellen Show for a potential feature!

WSFS and Bryn Mawr Trust interns bring new personalities, stories and experience into the world of banking and wealth management, and our Company is happy to have them!

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About the Author – Annie Holmes
Annie Holmes joins WSFS Bank as Marketing Communications Intern for Summer 2022. She is pursuing her Bachelor of Arts degree in communications with a specialization in public relations and advertising at Villanova University.


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