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WSFS and Bryn Mawr Trust Provide 6abc Viewers with Tips and Advice on Money Management, Investing and Buying a Home

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By Eric Springer | Published: June 2022


In the current economic environment and housing market, with rising interest rates and inflation at its highest in 40 years, consumers are looking for expert advice to help them manage their money in challenging times. WSFS and Bryn Mawr Trust were recently featured on two 6abc programs aimed to help consumers overcome obstacles to achieve financial success, navigate the housing market, and wisely invest in their futures.

Jennifer Dempsey Fox, President of Bryn Mawr Trust, and Jeffrey M. Ruben, President of WSFS Mortgage, joined 6abc’s Gina Gannon for a special edition of Inside Story to discuss investing, achieving financial goals, and homebuying in a challenging housing market amid rising interest rates and inflation.

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Dr. Michelle Burroughs, Chief Diversity Officer for WSFS Bank, joined Jennifer and Jeff for a town hall titled, “It’s OK to Talk About Money: Tips to Financial Success” streaming on During the town hall, Michelle, Jennifer and Jeff further discussed effective finance management by accessing and leveraging valuable resources, tips for having money and investing conversations, and how to be an attractive homebuyer.

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Additionally, throughout May and early June 2022, Michelle, Jennifer, and Jeff previewed the town hall topics in commercial spots focused on Financial Access, Women Investing and Buying Your Dream Home!

About the Author – Eric Springer
Eric Springer is Assistant Vice President, Integrated Communications Manager at WSFS Bank. He brings more than 15 years’ experience in corporate communications and marketing for banking, professional services and nonprofit organizations.


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