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WSFS’ Focus on Learning and Development Allows Jennabeth Dalton to Pursue Her Passion

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By Kyle Babcock | Published: September 2021


Having worked in retail management and commissioned sales roles for more than 20 years, Jennabeth Dalton had never thought about a career in banking until a WSFS Associate she had previously worked with recommended she give it consideration.

“I had heard of WSFS because my parents banked at the Blue Hen Mall banking office when I was younger, but I hadn’t considered working in a bank,” said Dalton, now a Contact Center Learning Specialist. “The WSFS Associate insisted that I would find the Bank to be a good fit and stressed the culture and the growth potential.”

Dalton took that advice to heart and landed the job as a Personal Banker in the Southern Delaware region in 2016. From there, she quickly found an abundance of opportunities to learn and grow on her path to her current position at WSFS.

“I started my involvement with the Contact Center in 2018 on a 90-day rotation when I was a Personal Banker,” said Dalton. “The rotation was extended and I worked on a few projects with the Contact Center during the Beneficial Bank acquisition before accepting a permanent position as a Team Lead in 2019.”

She found the Contact Center to be the perfect place for her to expand her skillset and pursue her passion.

“Associate engagement and development have always been important to me, and in this role, I was able to do what I do best and help train Contact Center Agents and new hires,” she said. “When a position was posted for a dedicated Learning Specialist for the Contact Center, I knew that this was my dream job!”

After advancing to her current role as the Learning Specialist in 2020, she had the opportunity to partner with WSFS’ Learning and Development team and continue training Contact Center Agents.

“My position also allows me to have heavy involvement with the continuing training and development of our seasoned agents, ensuring that they have all the tools they need to do their job effectively,” Dalton said.

The Bank’s focus on continued growth and development for all of its Associates – from new hires to longstanding members of the WSFS Family – has proven to be one of Dalton’s favorite parts of her job.

“I love the fact that constant growth has always been a focus since joining WSFS,” she said. “Each manager I’ve worked for has always asked, ‘how can we help you grow?’”

And for Dalton, each day presents new opportunities for her to grow her own skillset, as well as to help her fellow Associates through the training she provides.

“The fact that I’m regularly challenged and encouraged to think outside of the box keeps my engagement high and leaves me with a great sense of accomplishment each day,” she said.

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About the Author – Kyle Babcock
Kyle Babcock is Integrated Communications Strategist at WSFS Bank. He has more than eight years of experience in product and professional services marketing, communications and advertising.


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