Say yes to getting paid earlier

Early Pay is here!

WSFS Bank now has Early Pay, which allows Customers to receive eligible direct deposits from their employers up to two days early.[1] Early Pay is also available for recurring government benefits, such as Social Security payments.

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You’re Going to Love Getting Paid Earlier

Eligible direct deposits will land in your account up to TWO days in advance, so you can use your funds sooner than you could previously. How great is that?
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It’s automatic

You don’t need to sign up for Early Pay. It will happen automatically with all eligible direct deposits.
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It’s free

There are no costs or fees associated with Early Pay.
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Get notified

Set up an alert in Online Banking and we’ll notify you as soon as your early deposit is available.

Don’t have a WSFS Checking Account or Direct Deposit Set Up?

Open a WSFS Checking Account

If you don’t already have a WSFS Checking account, compare our accounts and choose the right one for you.

Set Up Direct Deposit With Your Employer

To have your pay deposited into your account early, set up direct deposit. It’s easy!

Set Up Direct Deposit for Government Benefits

If you receive funds from the U.S. Treasury, you can set up direct deposit online or by calling 800.333.1795.


Do I need to enroll in Early Pay?

If you are already enrolled in direct deposit for your paycheck or recurring government benefits, you don’t need to do anything. If you do not currently receive direct deposit to a WSFS account, you can fill out our direct deposit form and give it to your employer, or use their form if they offer direct deposit. Once set up, qualified deposits will begin posting to your account earlier.

How will I know if my direct deposit qualifies?

The direct deposit must be to a WSFS Bank personal account and indicate that it is a payroll or recurring government benefit in the ACH description. Employers must send an electronic payment notification to WSFS at least two days before you typically receive your pay. Your pay will be deposited one day in advance if the notification is sent at least one day early. If the notification is not sent early enough, your funds will be available to you on the date you normally receive them.

Are Social Security payments included in Early Pay?

Yes. Standard Social Security benefit payments qualify for Early Pay if they are being deposited directly to a personal (not business) account.

Will I get my tax refund or other one-time deposits early?

One-time payments from your employer or a government entity typically do not qualify for Early Pay as they are not considered payroll or recurring payments.

Are there any fees associated with Early Pay?

There are no costs or fees for receiving your pay early.

Are business accounts eligible for Early Pay?

No. Personal checking, savings, and money market accounts are the only accounts that qualify for Early Pay.

If I open a new account, will I qualify for Early Pay immediately?

No. To qualify for Early Pay, your account will need to be open for at least 30 days and in good standing, and it typically takes several weeks for an employer or government entity to switch direct deposit to a new account.

How can I opt out of Early Pay?

You can opt out of receiving early direct deposit by calling 888.973.7226.
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Our friendly Associates are here to help 7am-7pm (M-F) and 9am-3pm (on weekends) at 888.973.7226, by scheduling an appointment or visiting the nearest WSFS Banking Office.