Brian Biasini Seizes Opportunities for Innovation and Growth at WSFS

Brian Biasini Seizes Opportunities for Innovation and Growth at WSFS
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Brian Biasini’s career path has taken him to multiple industries, but one thing has remained consistent at each stop—his focus on technology and innovation, particularly through the Salesforce platform.

“I’ve always been in Salesforce administration and technical roles, previously at a large global retail organization and prior to that an Australian-based bank,” he said. “A few years ago I was looking at opportunities and was drawn to NewLane Finance because it was a startup in the process of implementing their Salesforce platform.”

“I then made the move from the NewLane Finance subsidiary to working directly for WSFS Bank, and was eager for the chance to be a part of WSFS’ Delivery Transformation initiative, which is focused on enhancing Customer experience and transforming how we engage and serve our Customers and Community while empowering Associates with the best tools and technology in the market,” he added.

In his current role as VP, Salesforce Application Strategy Lead, Biasini works with the architecture and strategy of the Salesforce platform, including building the platform out in a way that is set up for continued evolution and growth across the organization.

“WSFS has made and continues to make incredible investments in the Salesforce product across multiple platforms as well as other technologies,” Biasini said. “This provides us with vast opportunities for growth, learning and advancement as we continue to work to drive efficiencies and provide enhanced Customer service.”

“Brian and the team have done an amazing job implementing Salesforce strategies and technology across our organization, and we’re excited for the continued growth opportunities,” said Lisa Brubaker, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer. “We’re eager to continue to build out this team, and we are currently hiring for roles focused on nCino/Salesforce, Mulesoft, as well as other Technology and Operations roles that will provide great opportunities for those looking to advance their careers.”

Two WSFS Associates at their desks.With a heavy emphasis on Delivery Transformation and digital initiatives to continue to meet Customers’ evolving needs, it’s just as exciting a time as ever to join WSFS.

“Salesforce will continue to grow at the Bank, which will provide even greater opportunities to make improvements,” said Biasini. “This is a great time to ‘put your hand in the cement’ and make your mark by working on projects that meet your career interests and allow the opportunity to influence the growth and buildout of the platform.”

While many people may not immediately think of a bank as technology-focused, WSFS branches out from the pack with a commitment to transformation from the top down.

“To have the support and buy-in from Executives is incredible,” said Biasini. “Our Associates across the Company are excited to continue this transformation and eager to learn how Salesforce and other technologies can help them drive success.”

“In addition to WSFS being committed to our success, we have partners like Salesforce and nCino who are incredibly engaged with the projects we’re working on and work closely with us to help achieve our goals.”

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