Hannah Harrison Builds Her Skillset, Career and Lasting Friendships in 20-Year Journey at WSFS

Hannah Harrison Builds Her Skillset, Career and Lasting Friendships in 20-Year Journey at WSFS
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Hannah Harrison’s career at WSFS has seen her wear many hats and take on a variety of different roles on her way to her current position as VP and Sr. Project Manager.

Hannah Harrison, VP and Sr. Project Manager at WSFS.“I was working in a retail clothing store and had a few friends who worked for WSFS that recommended I check out what the Bank had to offer,” she said. “I did just that, fell in love with it, and recently celebrated 20 years with WSFS!”

After starting with WSFS as a Personal Banker, she continued to grow her skillset and responsibilities, working in Retail Operations before returning to Retail banking as an Assistant Branch Manager and then Retail Office Manager, followed by additional stops in Retail Operations and Deposit Services before taking on her new role in October 2021.

“I think I had every role you could imagine on the Retail side of WSFS,” she said. “My heart has always been in helping people, and I’ve been fortunate enough to do that at WSFS.”

Along the way, she’s seized opportunities to expand her knowledge and take new challenges head on.

“WSFS will let you grow,” she said. “My managers have always encouraged me to take on new challenges if I was interested in a different role. I’ve been very blessed to have great management along the way to help prepare me for next steps in my career journey.”

That journey most recently brought her to the Technology and Operations department as part of the Project Management Office, where she ensures projects have proper plans, identifies risks and issues, serves as the key communicator between various departments to keep things on track and much more.

“My interest in TechOps started while I was working in Retail,” she said. “We had to do a complete conversion of one of our systems and learn new technology. That gave me my first look into the other areas of the Bank as well as different roles and opportunities within WSFS.”

Hannah Harrison, VP and Sr. Project Manager at WSFS collaborating with a fellow Associate.Over the course of 20 years with WSFS, it’s been clear to her that her favorite parts about her job are the people and the culture.

“The culture here is just something that doesn’t exist at most places,” she said. “I really enjoy that WSFS has let me try so many different things. There are always new challenges and opportunities. But my favorite part about WSFS is the people; some of my best friends are at WSFS.”

“Hannah is a great example of someone who has built a career at WSFS, working in a variety of different departments and functions – from Retail banking to Deposit Operations to her current role in the Project Management Office,” said Lisa Brubaker, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer. “She has embraced opportunities and challenges at each turn as she’s advanced through the ranks.”

“One of the most important things I’ve learned at WSFS is that no matter what position or department you start in, you don’t have to think, ‘ok I’m here and that’s where I need to stay,’” Hannah said. “You can go wherever you want as long as you have the right support system.”

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