Jennifer Rossi Embraces Her Love for Customer Service to Build a Flourishing Career at WSFS

Jennifer Rossi Embraces Her Love for Customer Service to Build a Flourishing Career at WSFS
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After nine years working in retail sales at a department store, Jennifer Rossi decided it was time to make a change in order to continue her professional growth, but wanted to find a role where she could still do what she loved most: help Customers.

“I stayed in my previous job for so long because I had the chance to interact with Customers and help with their purchasing decisions, which I loved,” Rossi said. “But the environment was slow-moving and I felt I needed to make a change to be able to reach my full potential.”

A conversation with a friend led to a recommendation that she look into a job in banking and the rest is history.

“My friend had told me about the growth opportunities available,” she said. “In my four years as a member of the WSFS family, I’ve grown so much professionally. I was able to advance to the role of Personal Banker II before being promoted again earlier this year to Personal Banker III at the Delran Banking Office.”

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It didn’t take long for Rossi to realize she’d made the right career choice and that helping Customers wasn’t the only thing she loved about her new job.

“My team is my favorite part about working with WSFS,” she said. “We collaborate and support each other in all that we do. It’s like family working together at WSFS.”

That support system has also helped Rossi continue to expand her knowledge and grow her skillset.

“My managers have always provided me with thorough training to learn new things,” she said. “In turn, it has helped me identify my strengths and utilize them to enhance my Customer service skills as well as open up doors for additional opportunities at WSFS.”

The lessons she has learned to help Customers with their financial needs have also helped translate to enhanced financial confidence in her personal life.

“The knowledge I’ve gained at WSFS has helped with my own financial wellbeing, including helping me navigate the process of purchasing my first home,” Rossi said. “Not only has WSFS helped me grow my career, but I have also been able to develop tools that I can pass down to my kids when they enter the workforce so that they have a better financial understanding.”

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