Kristie Perry Finds the Culture She’d Been Searching for and a ‘Once in a Lifetime’ Opportunity at WSFS

Kristie Perry Finds the Culture She’d Been Searching for and a ‘Once in a Lifetime’ Opportunity at WSFS
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Over the course of her nearly 30 years in banking, Kristie Perry has held a variety of roles as she worked her way through the ranks in the industry.

In 2018, when she decided it was time to make a move, she applied for a job at WSFS. As fate would have it, the same day she submitted her application, she was contacted by WSFS’ HR team about a different role with the Bank, and the rest is history.

“I wasn’t overly familiar with WSFS’ strong culture prior to accepting that role, but it has been everything I had searched for since earlier in my career,” said Perry, VP, Manager, eBanking Services & ACH/EFT Support. “I quickly realized there were also former colleagues from earlier in my career that I would have a chance to work with again at WSFS, which was nice and helped make the transition even smoother.”

In her current role, Perry works closely with Team Leads to support eBanking by onboarding and assisting business Customers, working with ACH and wire origination, supporting banking offices and the Contact Center. She has also been heavily involved in helping with the conversion of systems as part of WSFS’ combination with Bryn Mawr Trust.

“The level of involvement we’re encouraged to have, from working on conversion related projects to day-to-day tasks, speaks volumes to the appreciation level WSFS has for its Associates,” she said. “We’re given a voice in decisions and we see our input taken into consideration.”

The teamwork and collaborative environment at WSFS have truly stood out to Perry since she joined the Bank more than three years ago.

“We encourage everyone to bring their ideas to the table and we discuss things as a team so everyone’s voice is heard,” she said. “We’ve worked closely, particularly since the start of the pandemic, to streamline processes and cross-train the whole team to help increase productivity and efficiency.”

“Kristie and her team have done an amazing job supporting efforts across the Bank to help us serve our Customers,” said Lisa Brubaker, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer. “We have a variety of Technology and Operations roles available currently, including in areas like eBanking, for those looking to advance their career and join a collaborative and supportive team.”

As Perry has continued to expand her skillset and build efficiencies with her team, the one thing that still stands out the most to her at WSFS is the culture.

“I love the culture here,” she said. “Everyone throughout the Bank is supportive of one another, and that emanates from the very top level all the way through WSFS. There’s something always being celebrated and acknowledged. It just feels so comfortable here, like a home away from home. I never thought I’d find the kind of ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity for a job I love this much until I came to WSFS and met the team.”

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