Leah Perez Builds a Successful Career at WSFS on a Foundation of Learning and Support

Leah Perez Builds a Successful Career at WSFS on a Foundation of Learning and Support
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After working as a general contractor for about a decade, Leah Perez decided it was time to make a career change.

“I knew that if I wanted to start a family and build our future that I needed something that wasn’t so hard physically and that offered benefits,” said Perez. “WSFS was across the street from my house, so I applied online one night and the rest is history!”

Perez traded in painting houses and hanging drywall for helping Customers reach their financial goals as a Customer Service Representative in 2007.

Now, after nearly 15 years of service at WSFS, she looks back at the growth of her career as she was recently promoted to Retail Office Manager of the Union Street Banking Office in Wilmington.

“When I was just starting at WSFS, I was scared that I wouldn’t succeed,” she said. “I had never dealt with Customers at that level before and it seemed like so much to learn in a new industry. It all seemed overwhelming, but it turned out that with each new skill I acquired, my desire to learn grew.”

WSFS Associates Leah Perez and Brian Jennings.
Perez hit the ground running and quickly found that with the help of WSFS’ robust training opportunities and support from her managers and colleagues she had all the tools needed to succeed.

“I am so thankful for the amazing leaders I have worked with over the years that trusted me to take on things that I didn’t even know I could do,” she said. “I’ve been blessed with people in my corner that saw what I was doing and motivated me to do more.”

“One of the biggest benefits of working for WSFS is the opportunity to learn,” Perez added. “My interests have been supported and nurtured, and anything that I wanted to learn more about, get involved in, or just try, has always been met with a conversation and a plan.”

Perez has carried that support system over as she’s climbed the corporate ladder at WSFS, ensuring the Associates she manages have the same opportunities and resources to grow and succeed.

“Once I became an Assistant Branch Manager, my job became to make sure those around me felt supported in the same way and were successful,” she said. “My love of coaching and helping to build new leaders eventually turned into a job managing the leaders in development, mentor and new hire programs at WSFS.”

With a solid foundation built, Perez has continued to build upon her success, most recently being promoted to Retail Office Manager in August. She credits the emphasis on training and development with helping her to achieve success and find a job she loves.

“I have had an amazing support system over the years that has given me the freedom to try just about anything to help me figure out where I wanted my career to go,” she said. “I love that I spend each day figuring out solutions to new problems, meeting new people and finding creative ways to help them achieve their goals.”

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