Varlo Sports Helps Unlock the Human Potential in Athletes on FOX 29

Varlo Sports Helps Unlock the Human Potential in Athletes on FOX 29
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An immigrant and former Division I track and field athlete, Soj Jibowu’s journey has taken him quite a few places. After studying biomedical chemistry, Soj worked in that space for about 16 years before a multi-sport race in Chicago ignited the passion that led to a career change and the launch of Varlo Sports.

Varlo is a sports apparel company that focuses primarily on performance and recreation for cycling and triathlons with the aim to lift the will of every athlete to pursue the goals of tomorrow.

Since launch in 2019, Soj and Varlo co-owners Ed Chang and Jacob Brown have built a top-tier team, including designers, textile engineers and athletes to provide best-in-class performance gear.

“Unlocking the human potential is something that has always been interesting to me,” said Soj. “It’s been a beautiful journey and it’s possible because of my amazing team.”

Fast forward to today, and Varlo is running full steam ahead with products available online as well as in select REI stores across the country. And soon they will be the proud outfitters of the USA Triathlon Foundation for this year’s summer Olympics.

WSFS Bank and Bob Kelly of FOX 29 recently visited Varlo Sports for Small Business Month in May to learn about their journey. Check out Varlo Sports’ Kelly Drives segment!

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