WSFS Culture Shines in Unprecedented Times: Meet Kyle Babcock

WSFS Culture Shines in Unprecedented Times: Meet Kyle Babcock
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Someone once said: character is not built during a crisis, it is revealed. WSFS Bank continues to stand by its Customers and Associates, even during these uncertain times when nationwide unemployment is on the rise as a result of COVID-19.

Imagine that your start date for a new job in a different industry is in the middle of the worst pandemic the world has seen in one hundred years. Naturally, a lot may run through your mind: how will I get onboarded? Will the company push my start date a few weeks out? If they do that, how will I cover my bills?

That is exactly what was going through the mind of Kyle Babcock, who had just been hired as an Integrated Communications Strategist for WSFS Bank. He was ready to join the communications team on March 23, a few weeks into government stay-at-home mandates and the Greater Delaware Valley region near lockdown.

What Kyle found out is that WSFS had no intention of delaying start dates for new Associates. Almost immediately, Kyle’s new manager and WSFS Human Capital Management were in touch to assure him that he would still be starting on March 23, indicating that, in fact, they needed him now more than ever!

For more than 188 years, WSFS has become known for service – it is in the Bank’s DNA, and that includes standing by Customers, Associates and communities in challenging times.

These unprecedented times didn’t deter WSFS’ approach to hiring – it only strengthened the Bank’s resolve to do the right thing and to keep moving forward.

We asked Kyle more about what it has been like starting a new job during a crisis.

What was going through your mind before your start date at WSFS?

Before my first official day even took place, I knew I had made the right decision to join WSFS. With an unprecedented epidemic impacting businesses and employees, WSFS made it a point to reach out to me and assure me that I would be taken care of. They let me know that although I would no longer be able to start in the office on my first day as intended, they would still be compensating me beginning on that date. WSFS was quickly able to get me set up to begin working from home and conduct the entire onboarding process virtually to ensure I could start off on the right foot.

What was it like onboarding virtually?

While onboarding at a new company can always be a bit difficult, WSFS exceeded every expectation I had by making it a seamless process. I quickly received my laptop and equipment, and the Bank was able to get me up and running immediately with the entire process handled remotely. From meeting with my new team to orientation, the WSFS onboarding process was very smooth and seamless.

What does “that’s so WSFS” mean to you?

Going above and beyond to do what is best for Customers and the community whenever possible.

So now that you’re on board, what are you working on?

Since I started, WSFS has been focused on doing the right thing for its Customers and Associates. We’ve been communicating important information daily to ensure our Customers and Associates are informed and have the resources they need to get through this challenging time. That includes posting on social media, sharing our story with the media and working with our community foundations.

What’s a fun fact most people may not know?

My sense of smell hasn’t worked since I was in high school. When people find out, they usually ask if I miss it, but to be honest I don’t that much. Plus, I figure it leaves more room for me to develop some sort of superhuman sense.

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