WSFS Interns Help Bring Projects to Life to Assist Customers

WSFS Interns Help Bring Projects to Life to Assist Customers
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For many students, internships help forge a path for their future careers, enabling them to gain hands-on experience and determine what type of work inspires them.

At WSFS Bank, interns are given the opportunity to take those experiences to the next level, contributing to projects that impact the Bank and assist Customers with their banking needs.

“Our more than 140 interns working across our footprint in Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey this summer are truly helping to move the needle in the name of Customer service,” said Patrick Best, Vice President, Manager of Talent Acquisition at WSFS Bank. “From developing and testing enterprise applications to assisting Customers with transactions and achieving their financial goals, our interns are truly living the WSFS mantra – We Stand for Service.”

From the front lines at branches to back offices, WSFS interns are gaining experience across the Bank.

Ireland Styring, Retail Banking Intern.
“I’ve had the chance to work in a few of our banking locations,” said Ireland Styring, a Retail Banking Intern in Edgewater Park, NJ. “It’s my first internship and I’ve had the opportunity to work with great Associates, learning the inner-workings of a bank while also getting to help Customers with their needs.”

While some interns are directly serving Customers, others are behind the scenes helping WSFS continually improve in the name of service.

“I’ve been working with WSFS for a year now,” said Miguel Reyes, an Enterprise Application Development Intern. “Last year, I had the opportunity to work on our Customer feedback system and was there for its official rolling out across the Bank. It was my first time putting together a product for use in the Bank and it was amazing to see the impact the work of the team had in allowing WSFS to gain valuable insight from Customers.”

Ben Anderson, an Intern with WSFS Wealth.
“I’ve had the opportunity to work for a few different WSFS departments and subsidiaries already this summer,” said Ben Anderson, an Intern with WSFS Wealth. “While helping at West Capital Management, I had the chance to research and make a mutual fund recommendation. It was a great learning experience, as I was able to evaluate different indicators and get hands-on experience in what a wealth management firm looks for in potential investments.”

The lessons learned extend past individual projects for these WSFS interns, however, as they’ve been able to hone in on where they would like their careers to take them as well as develop rapport with Customers and Associates.

“A fellow WSFS Associate once told me that if you don’t enjoy doing something in your free time, it might not be your passion and what you should pursue as a career,” said Reyes. “That advice helped me decide on what I wanted to do with coding and I’m excited to be able to test new user interfaces for applications at WSFS this summer.”

“The projects I’ve had the chance to work on have been great,” said Anderson. “I’ve always been interested in investments and interning at WSFS has allowed me to further grasp how trading works and learn things that aren’t always covered in-depth in the classroom.”

“Getting to know the other Associates as well as the Customers has been very enjoyable,” said Styring. Everyone has been so friendly and helpful since I’ve joined, which is a testament to the culture of the Bank.”

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