Your Small Business Wants a Home to Call its Own

Your Small Business Wants a Home to Call its Own
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Don’t just work to pay for your family’s home, take care of your small business’ needs too.

Why it matters: Small business owners that don’t own the property where their business operates are missing out on opportunities like:

  • Cost certainty
  • New revenue streams
  • Reinvestment into the business
  • Long-term growth

The rewards of owning your business’ home far outweigh the costs.

WSFS Bank’s SVP, Chief Consumer Lending Officer, Candice Caruso, says, “A key constant that all small business owners and operators must embrace is reinvesting in the business. There are several ways to put resources back into a business, but one option that should not be overlooked is real estate.”

Here’s why:

  • It can provide long term, consistent ROI.
  • It builds equity, building financial strength.
  • You can deduct annual interest and associated expenses of owning the property.

Go Deeper: Learn more about the benefits of reinvesting in your small business through real estate:

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