Enrollment & Online Banking

To self-enroll click here, or follow the steps below to navigate to the enrollment page.

  1. On wsfsbank.com, click the Login button and select Enroll in Online Banking.
    Online banking login screen
  2. Select the second option, Enroll in Business Online Banking, then select Continue with Enrollment.
  3. On the Enrollment page, create your User ID and password. Make sure the email address entered is correct, since this is how you will receive confirmation that account setup is complete.
  4. Complete the Company Information section, referencing the promissory note to ensure accurate enrollment. Please note: ‘Company name’ should be the legal business name, not a dba or franchise name.
  5. At the bottom of the Company Information section, please enter the information as indicated here in green:
    • Date of last deposit = Date of loan closing
    • Amount of last deposit = Total loan amount
  6. In Account Information:
    • Enter your loan account number (this should start with 500)
    • In Description, enter Loan Account for {Legal Company Name}
    • For Account Type, select Checking
      account information screen
  7. Finally, in Additional Banking Services, please select any other banking services we may assist you with. Select Continue at bottom of page. If there was an error, you will be notified with a ‘Review Needed’ email.

If you would prefer to enroll manually, you may do so by emailing [email protected].