With a Home Equity Line of Credit from WSFS Bank, the ­possibilities are endless.

Get started on some of the projects on your list, consolidate high-interest debt into one low monthly ­payment, or finance a big purchase like a dream vacation.

With a WSFS Home Equity Line of Credit, you can borrow what you need, when you need it. Plus, enjoy these benefits:

  • Lock in a fixed rate on all or a portion of your Home Equity Line of Credit balance
  • No application fee
  • Interest-only payments with a 10-year draw period1
  • Easy access by check, VISA® Access Card, transfers in online and mobile banking, or by request in a banking location

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HELOC Interest Rates

HELOC Amount Interest Rate Loan to Value Ratio
$25,000 - $74,999.99 Prime + 1.25% Up to 85%
$75,000 - $99,999.99 Prime + 0.75% Up to 85%
$100,000 - 199,999.99 Prime Up to 85%
$200,000 and up Prime - 0.25% Up to 85%

1The Annual Percentage Rates (APR) are effective 9/27/2018 and are subject to change. The offer is for new Convertible Home Equity Lines of Credit. ­Introductory ­variable rate offer requires a maximum loan to value of 85%. LTVs may vary from those listed for out-of-market residences and investment ­properties. The ­introductory variable rate is based on Prime minus 2.26% and will apply for the first (6) billing cycles after your HELOC is opened. After the ­introductory period expires, the APR on any existing balance will convert to the applicable non-discounted variable APR for the life of the loan. Both your ­introductory and non-discounted ­variable APR may vary based on changes to the Prime Rate as listed in the Wall Street Journal, currently 5.25%. The 5.00% APR is for a line of credit amount of $200,000 and above in a second lien position. Other rates and terms are available. Minimum APR of 2.99% after the ­introductory rate period. Maximum APR is 18%. Offer subject to credit approval. Line can be drawn on for a 10­-year period during which a minimum monthly interest payment is required. If you pay only the amount of interest that is due, once the interest-only period ends, you will still owe the original amount that you borrowed, and your monthly payment will increase because you must pay back the principal as well as the interest—even if the interest rates remain the same. Annual fee is $50. Fees to open these lines may range from $0 to $1,365 depending on the amount of the line and the state in which the property is located. A recapture fee of $375 will be imposed if your account is closed within 36 months of opening. Other fees may apply. Property insurance and flood ­insurance, if applicable, are required.