Celebrating Women’s History Month: WSFS’ Lisa Washington Discusses Paths to Success and Finding the Right Balance in Your Career and Life

Celebrating Women’s History Month: WSFS’ Lisa Washington Discusses Paths to Success and Finding the Right Balance in Your Career and Life
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Lisa Washington, SVP and Chief Legal Officer at WSFS Bank, has held a variety of positions during her nearly 30-year career, from working as an attorney for national law firms to Chief Legal Officer at an energy management company.

A graduate of Princeton University, Washington also earned her J.D. from The University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from The Wharton School of Business, and has never stopped learning, whether it be from school, her career or her peers.

“I’ve been a lawyer for quite some time and I have learned a lot of lessons,” Washington said. “I think a lot of professionals experience similar things in terms of trying to learn as much as you can to become as strong a professional as you can be, but also trying to find your way in the world, trying to overcome things like how to balance and manage your time.”

Washington is also active in the community, serving as Chair of the Board of JEVS Human Services, a not-for-profit social service organization that aims to enhance the employability, independence and quality of life of individuals through a broad range of programs.

Here are some of the lessons Washington has learned on how to advance your career, find the right balance in work and life and more:

The importance of mentorship. “It is so important for women to have mentors, and it doesn’t have to be just one mentor, you can find a number of mentors to help you along the way and to give advice. And it’s also important to become a mentor to those who are in need as well.”

Learning to say no. “How to say no to things is one of the biggest struggles I face, and I think a lot of women face. I’m still learning. I put blocks on my calendar…but it is a challenge because you want to help people. And I am a person who really tries to help people.”

Finding balance. “Time management is something I’m always working on. There are just so many things to do and it often doesn’t seem like there are enough hours in the day. It really is very critical to be able to find that balance. It’s a lifelong project to learn more and do better each day.”

Tapping into your network. “The best thing to do is keep in touch with people. Staying in touch with people you’ve worked with before, friends from school, really staying out in the Community, and just by being out there, I think that you’re telling people you’re looking or open to new experiences and positions.”

Check out her full interview with 6ABC’s Tamala Edwards as part of the 2020 Pennsylvania Conference for Women for more great tips and advice.

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